5 Popular Poker Games

Popular Poker Games

There are many different poker games that vary in complexity, style and length. We have listed out five types of poker that are offered by Evolution Gaming and well worth a try.

Texas Hold’em Bonus

Live Texas Hold’em Bonus is played against the house and all players can make their decision independently. Games start with player placing an Ante Bet and optional side bets. Then, both receive 2 hole cards with the player dealt face up while dealer face down. There will be 3 rounds of betting. In the first round, player can decide whether to Fold the card and surrender or Play by wagering twice the amount. Same options are offered to the second and third round, whether to Check or Bet. Dealer will reveal his card after the last River card. Who with the 5 best poker cards from two own cards and the community cards is the winner. More information regarding how to play this game may refer to Nova88 Poker or click here!

Caribbean Stud

Live Caribbean Stud is played against the house instead of other players. Before starting the game, player needs to place the Ante Bet. Then, the player dealt with 5 cards face up, while dealer receives the same card amount with only one facing up. You can decide whether to Fold or Play. To Play, you have to make another bet which is 2x of the Ante. If Fold, you lose your Ante. You win when you perform a better 5 card hand then the dealer. Player can make a Bonus Bet and Progressive Jackpot in Caribbean Stud. You receive 100:1 payout when you get a royal flush.

Three Card Poker

In this game, the outcome is determined by the Three Card hand. Player places a wager on the Ante section to start a game. You can also place the optional side bets – Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus. In 6 Card Bonus, you can get up to 1000 to 1 for a Royal Flush with the six cards from your own and dealer’s ones, which is extremely rewarding. Once the bet is placed, you will receive three cards facing up while dealer cards are facing down. You can select to Play by placing the same Ante bet or Fold and losing the Ante bet. Dealer will then reveal his cards. If they have stronger hands like Queen or higher, they win. Otherwise, you win the Ante bet and Play wager is returned back to you. There is another condition where you still get Ante Bonus even if your hand loses, which is to get the Straight Flush, Three of a Kind or Straight. 

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em offers player multiple opportunities to raise the bet in each round. After receiving the cards, you can decide whether to Play4x, Play 3x, or Check. If you choose Check, you are able to raise x2 after the Flop card or x1 after the River. There is no additional decision needed to raise the bet of the current round if you choose an option other than Check. Player can place Trips’ side bet and win when your final hand is a three-of-a-kind or higher.

Casino Hold’em Jumbo-7

The game follows the standard rules, which involves betting against dealers and winning poker hands by combining the highest five cards using own and community cards. The attractive part of this game is their Jumbo 7 Jackpot program. The prize value will keep increasing until it is won and there is always a minimum of one million dollars starting amount. The best part is the main game outcome will not affect the progressive jackpot side bet as long as you have placed the bet at the beginning of each new game round. 

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