Five Mistakes New Poker Players Make

People will make mistakes when trying new things. In poker, it is common that every player has made mistakes before, especially those new players who just begin to learn the game. Along the journey to become experienced poker players, we believe that most of the players will face the same obstacles. We have listed out the common mistakes that all new players will make. 

#1 Playing Too Many Hands

Believe that new players to poker are yet to develop their own playing styles and the skill when to play or toss their card away. Learning how and when to fold the card is also an important strategy in playing poker. Otherwise, you will play too many hands and make your bankroll tight. It takes time to learn this and there will also be exceptions such as how opponents are playing. However, playing less is better to avoid losing money in a hurry, especially for new players.

#2 Playing For Too Long

Poker is actually a mental game and it may affect your decision making when you can’t think clearly. Playing too long will also cause fatigue. Some players stick on poker as this is their favourite game to play, but there are also some players that are literally stuck in their seat just to win back their money lost. Playing for too long definitely won’t be able to recover losses and win back all the money. Instead, they might lose more than they can expect. 

#3 Playing Against Better Opponents

Newbies to poker always know that their skill level is below their opponents. However after winning a few games, they will easily be fooled by themselves that they are a better player now and can bet with the better skilled opponent. They then sit down at a game surrounded by better players and from there start to lose due to lack of skills and strategies. To avoid losing more to better players is not to play in the same table with them. In online poker, there are many tables and games that can be chosen. Getting up from a new game is better than keep losing to opponents. Remember that we play poker to win money, not to challenge others.

#4 Playing With Emotion

As discussed in previous articles, poker depends on both luck and skill. If you have bad luck, especially suffering from bad beats, it will be hard to be emotionally stable. Emotion can bring on all of the mistakes and cause someone to lose money more quickly. Hence, players should learn how to control their emotions when playing poker games. Just let the past be the past and focus on the next hand.

#5 Playing For Stakes That Are Too High

Bankroll management is always the top strategy when playing in poker games. Even experienced players, they still choose the stakes carefully to avoid losing too much in a single game. It is necessary to think about how much money you can afford to lose. Never play with the amount that you can’t lose as this will affect your decision making sometimes. For new players, you may select the lower stakes to bet. Only increase the stakes after you are more confident in the game. 

These are some of the common mistakes that always happen on new players. People will learn from experience, so just improve your skills from time to time to become a good poker player!

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