How Long To Get Good At Poker?

There are many variables that will affect the time taken for you to get good at poker. Sometime, you might wonder why you are not winning money even though you have played poker for a little while. Commonly, it takes 3 to 24 months for a player to become a winning player. 

Here are some variables that will affect time taken to become a winning player:

  • How long you read poker strategy
  • Strategy source
  • Time spend on the game
  • Your intelligent and learning speed

In this article, we will provide an estimated period on how long to get good at poker.

#1: Quick Learner – 3 to 6 months

If you are a quick learner, you have the potential to get good at poker in a short period. A strong desire, passion and dedication is needed in winning money from online poker. If you are able to absorb information from a good source, it is not a problem to get a positive win rate within 3 months. Some of the characteristics of a quick learner are play at least 3 hours daily, read more quality strategies, subscribe to a training site and self learning from video. They will also read more strategy in forums or review posts, and analyze the play using software. However, different people will have different time frame and ways to get good in poker. 

#2: Hard Worker – 8 to 12 months

If you are a hard working player, you should be confident that spending more time learning the game will make you good at poker. Stay on track and keep your desire on learning, never give up easily. Hard worker players play at least 10 hours per week. They will try to think logically on every poker decision, and will browse more related forums to get advice. Beside, they will also read more about the strategy and having a software to know the basic and leak of game. They might also subscribe a training site and watch video often. 

#3: Casual Player – 18 to 24 months 

If you are a casual player, your desire to become a winning player in poker is lower but still want to win. Probably you are a very slow learner but willing to put more effort into the game. Hence, you might take a longer period for the improvement. Some of the characteristics of a casual player are play around 3 to 4 hours poker on a good week, didn’t put too much brain power, browse different poker forums without an account, not a frequent strategy reader, thinking of training sites is not worth the money, and use software only to track wins and losses.

Above is only the estimated time frames as different players have different winning strategies. Every effort you put on improving the poker skills is a step forward to a positive win rate. 

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