Is Poker Based on Luck or Skill?

Many people think that playing poker is just a game of luck like other casino games. These people are totally wrong as players with skill will have the chance to get the upper hand over their opponents. Yet, poker is not entirely based on skill either. It is actually a mix of both skill and luck. For the short term, poker needs a large element of luck. However, skill is needed if you play for the long run. Professional players will reduce the luck aspect by making mathematical decisions in winning the poker. 

Statement #1: Poker Is A Game of Skill

Poker is not played against the house but among other players. All of us know that, in most of the games that are played in house, the house always wins. But in poker, players play against each other, where skill is needed in order to win. Bluffing is another skill in poker as well. Get your opponent to fold the better hand by being able to read them and know when is their weakness. Besides, Poker is also a game of math and odds. You can actually calculate the percentage of winning and make a decision whether to fold or to continue. If you are able to play better than your opponents by applying your skill advantages, you surely will win in the long run. 

Statement #2: Poker Will Be Affected By Luck

In order to be dealt with strong hand cards, you need to have luck. Also when you want to have useful cards appearing on board. Sometimes, a little luck might affect your opponent to not have a better hand than you. Every poker player needs to have an element of luck. However, luck is important only in the short term as over thousands of hands, everyone will get roughly the same luck. Good and bad luck will start to balance or reduce over time.

How To Win in Poker?

Strategy 1: Reduce Bad Luck With Skills

Playing poker is about making superior mathematical decisions. You have to know how to balance the money you bet with the amount of risk you might face. Only play in the pots that the winning chances are more favourable than your pot odds. 

Next is always make sure to put yourself at the strongest position. Observe and play conservatively with the cards on your hand. Get involved in strong hand cards and prepare to fold later if the cards are not good to play. A little bluffing may help to increase the winning chance sometimes. However, it is a risky strategy as you depend more on luck and have to be good enough in identifying the weakest players to bluff with. 

Strategy 2: Improve Poker Skill

By having a skill in poker, you can control your game and beat other players to win more over a long term. The simplest way to do it is keep practicing on the poker table. Concentrate on every game play and learn from all mistakes, remove any distractions as you need 100% focus to master poker skills. 

Another way to improve your poker skills is by taking online courses. Paid courses will deliver a better quality as it is taught by experienced and master players. You can refer to different courses for different poker games. Some recommended online poker courses are MasterClass and PokerStars School. You can also self-learn from YouTube to gain more knowledge on poker skills.


Is Poker based on luck or skill? The answer is both. Players need some luck to get better hand cards and skills to know how to deal with the cards in certain situations. However, over a long time skills become the most important factor to allow you to win more. 

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