Most underrated Online Casino games

Most underrated Online Casino games

When talking about Online Casino games, most players would opt to choose games with the highest win potential. Slots and Blackjack is the most common options for online casino players, as it has a high win potential, and best odds. What other players did not know is that online casino offers many games, which they could try and enjoy as much as the famous ones. One of the reasons why these games failed to achieve the popularity is because many failed to understand what the game is all about. Here are some of the online casino games you might want to consider:

Sic Bo

Online Casino: Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game that came from China, that uses a hexagonal dice to be able to create winning combinations. Playing Sic Bo is like playing dice, craps, and chuck-a-luck as it is played similarly, as much as it is similar to roulette. At first, players might think that the rules of Sic Bo is complicated, but the truth is you just need to understand its rules to enjoy playing. To win, you just need to predict a dice roll. In fact, the rules is easy; if you guess, you win, if you do not guess, you lose. Just like any other online casino games, your chances of winning in this game depends on your luck. What is great in this game is that it allows you to use some strategies.

Pai Kang

Online Casino: Pai Kang

Pai Kang is a popular game in Thailand, which uses 52 deck of cards, where the game can be played by a maximum of five players. In this game, those five players will have five cards each, where they can either draw a card and discard one or equal the rank of their cards. A player may use “Lai” if a player has the same rank as other players’ discarded card. On the other hand, they may use “Kang” action to end the round. Player with the lowest hand value is the one winning the round. This game is a mind game for the players, which makes it more exciting to play.

Fruit Roulette

Online Casino: Fruit Roulette

What made fruit roulette engaging are the figures and colors seen in the game. This game is an exciting game, inspired by a popular slot machine game, Little Mary. The mechanics of this game is simple. A running light will be across the roulette, and it will stop in a symbol, represented by a color. If the light stopped at the colored symbol you bet on, then you win the match. If it does not, then it means that you lost your bet. This is on the easier and less complicated side of online betting.

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