How To Play Sic Bo

Playing Sic Bo couldn’t possibly be easier, you just bet on what numbers you think will show up in whatever combination and hope that your roll comes up. It is up to you if you want to bet on a really hard to hit combination and potentially reap the long odds, or if you want to try for something that is more likely but pays out less. There are tons of possible combinations to bet on, and what it really comes down to is what you think is going to hit. The live dealer providers offering Sic Bo are Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Allbet, Asia Gaming, MicroGaming, and Gold Deluxe .

Sic Bo Provider – Asia Gaming

One nice feature of the Asia Gaming interface is they have a ‘multiplay section’ where you can easily switch between games with a single click without having to load the lobby first. Their history section is located at the bottom of the screen, and is much more extensive than that of XPG, as you can switch between four different options and see the outcome of hundreds of different rolls. Asia Gaming also has a very nice high-quality video feed, as well as the ability to switch between high and standard definition, and a ridiculously oversized dice container.

Sic Bo Provider – Playtech

Playtech also offers Sic Bo, and actually has better odds than the other providers. For example, while the other guys are giving only 150:1 for a picking a triple, Playtech gives 180:1. Playtech also gives better odds (higher payouts) for doubles, a total of four (that is all three dice adding up to four, as in 1, 1, 2) and any triple. Playtech also has a history window to show what rolls have been coming up, and while it only shows the last six rolls in the window, you do have the option to go scroll back as well. Aside from that their video feed is also of a pretty high quality.

Sic Bo Provider – Microgaming (MG)
MG also offers a great live dealer Sic Bo with much better odds than XPG, Asia Gaming, and Opus Gaming. Their game pays higher for any three of a kind, for a specific three of a kind, for a total of four, for a total of seventeen, and for any double. In addition to having bigger payouts for the same bet, they also have a pretty interesting user interface with the added benefit of showing some recent statistics about the outcomes of rolls.

None of these live dealer providers offer any side bets, although with the dozens of bets possible in a Sic Bo game players pretty much have their hands full already. The great thing about Sic Bo is you can bet on virtually anything you want, and they are some bets, like betting on any triple (3, 3, 3 for example) that payout 150:1. Other than that, you can bet on what the three dice will total and this payout will vary depending on what total you pick.

The least frequent combos, such as four or seventeen pay the most, whereas the totals in the middle that can be hit with more combinations, payout less although they still pay at least 6:1 which is pretty good. Aside from that, you can bet on whether an individual number will show up, or bet on two specific numbers showing up which is harder to hit and pays more. You can also bet on any triple, which pays 24:1, or on a double, which pays 8:1. Some of the extreme long shots do pay less in live dealer Sic Bo than in the traditional casino version.

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