Monopoly Big Baller

Evolution has introduced a bingo-style game show mixed with a Monopoly game board at bonus rounds. There are numerous multipliers which can increase your payout opportunities in this game. Play with MR. MONOPOLY to win as many lines you can!

How To Play Monopoly Big Baller

Players may bet on up to four Free Space/Chance cards and decide whether to play the bonus round cards. It is a 5×5 bingo card with 25 random numbers. After the betting times up, MR MONOPOLY pulls the lever to add a random selection of free spaces and multipliers to the cards. From 60 coloured balls, 20 balls are selected. If the ball matches the number on your card, a red dot is dabbed on the number. While grey balls show that your number does not match. After select 20 balls, the games end and the payout release depends on your wins. You will trigger a bonus round of 3 or 5 dice rolls if you bet on it and the balls match all the numbers on cards. 

Free Space Card 

Act as a drawn number at the centre cell, making less card to win

Chance Card 

A guaranteed multiplier on centre cell that will boost the payout

1. Standard Multiplier: 10x or 20x multiplier on selected numbers

2. Line Multiplier: 20x or 50x multiplier on a line

3. Global Multiplier:  2x or 3x multiplier that multiply any wins on card

Bonus Round

When you enter the 3 Rolls Bonus or 5 Rolls Bonus round, MR MONOPOLY will bring you into a virtual 3D screen. The game starts after two dice are rolled. MR MONOPOLY moves from GO square and stops at the total of two dice rolled. All multipliers on the board pay double if you pass GO square twice. Below is the payout or action table for the bonus round. 


Ready To Play?

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