Bola Golek Game Features

How To Play Bola Golek

Bola Golek is a popular Indonesian street game played in Malaysia and Indonesia. The game is represented by 3 different symbols in 4 different colours. The player can choose to bet between 12 options. After the bet is placed, the dealer places a rubber ball from a corner onto a 6×6 playing board, the ball will move unpredictably around the board until it stops at a symbol which will determine the winning symbol and colour. Bola Golek comes with 2x bonus feature that would appear randomly on any symbol and colour. If it lands on your betting options, you might receive winnings up to 20x!

Special Features
– 2x bonus feature to win rewards up to 20x!
– A multiplayer feature with leaderboards to ensure that you will never play alone without betting buddies!
– An optimized and mobile friendly game, play at the convenience of your pc or any mobile devices!

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