Types of Slot Games

Slot is the popular casino games that every player will play as it is simple and lucrative. Different types of slots have different features and gameplay. Players should study how it works and tips on winning big before starting the game! Online slot games and physical slot machines are almost the same. Players spin the reels after placing their bet. They have to get as many matching symbols as they can to win the bigger payout.

#1 Classic Slots (Also Known As Three-Reel Slots)

A traditional slot game type that has three reels and one payline. Suitable for new players as it is fast, easy to learn and play. The common symbols used are cherries, lemons, liberty bells, poker high cards and lucky 7s. Players need to match the similar symbols at top, middle or bottom. 

#2 Five-Reel Slots (Also Known As Video Slots)

A more complex slot game with multiple payline and bonus rounds. Button has replaced the levers or mechanical reels. The special symbols like Scatter and Wild increase the difficulty level of the game. It becomes hard to understand and makes the winning chances more complex. The great thing about five-reel slots is they offer more paylines and increase the odds of winning, besides come with higher jackpots. 

#3 Progressive Slots (Also Known As Progressive Jackpot)

Players need to play with a maximum wager in order to be qualified for the progressive jackpots. A part of the wager amount will contribute to the jackpot to accumulate the prize for a particular time. The jackpot can reach up to millions but only lucky players can get to win. Even though the winning chances is low, it still among the most alluring casino games. 

#4 3D Slots

A modern slot game with 3D dimensional elements. The game is more detailed, with an impressive graphics design, colourful animations and vibrant sound effects. It has different game themes, mostly inspired by video games, culture and movies. 

#5 Interactive Slots/ i-Slots

The fun of this game is it offers free spins and a bonus. Players are able to play a mini game triggered by the bonus stages. Mini games increase the winning chances. There are different reel combinations to spin and players can participate in a game-advancing adventure. 

Slot Games Tips

Pay attention to the paytable! Know what symbols that pay out more frequently compared to others so that you can adjust the bets accordingly. Study the combinations that trigger bonus rounds and jackpot too. This helps you to minimize the risk while maximising the returns. Remember don’t waste money on the bets that will not yield any big wins down the line. Other than that, finding the right online casino site is also important to make sure you get the fair gameplay. We recommended Nova88 due to our good reputation in the Asia market. Also, we have more than 20 years experience in this industry, which offers an extensive range of games selection.

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