Slot Games Secret

You can find slot games in most of the casinos. Do you know that the slot games have some secrets that most casinos don’t wish you to know? Here is the list, check it out!

#1 You will not win at slots in the long run

Probably most of the players know that they will not win the slots in the long run, however there are still some that don’t know about this. As players win big and small slots all the time, but the problem is when playing in a long enough timeline, you will lose all your bet. This is due to the reason that slots have been manufactured and programmed in a way where they just pay back a certain percentage of money, about 70-90% placed by players. Hence, the built in features limit players to win from time to time.

#2 Max betting is the best option

This is a true fact that you will activate all bonuses and jackpots with max betting. To get lucky and win, increase your odds! Casinos wish you to bet small so that they can make more money in the long run. However, always remember that don’t bet above your bankroll! Playing more than you can afford to lose might get you a worse payout. If you can’t afford the slot’s max bet, just move to another smaller max bet machine and work within your bankroll.

#3 Video slots pay out less than classic slots

Big fancy video slots cost casinos more to maintain as it takes up two to three times the space amount to keep them running. Even though they are more entertaining and draw players’ attention, the payout is much lesser than classic reel slots. Casinos dial down the payout rate on these huge moneymaker machines to maximise their profits. If you want to win more on the slot machines, just stick to the classic type.

#4 Sound and graphic of slots are designed to make you feel happy

To attract players and make them feel as happy as possible, casinos have included psychologists and researchers to provide advice on what colours, musics, movements and graphics to be used in the games. There are pros and cons to this. The pros is players can be more enjoyable and relax with good music besides making the storyline more fun. While the cons are players immerse into the happy feelings that are brought by the games and don’t know when to stop.

Just like any business, slots are designed to make money for casinos. There is no reason to stop playing if slots is your favourite game. Knowing the secrets before play can give a little knowledge about the slots.  

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