Play Dream Catcher Live

Dream Catcher is a unique spinning wheel game from Evolution Gaming, which combines the thrills of live dealer casino games and automated slots titles into one streamlined package. Available at most Evolution Gaming powered live casinos, this game plays a bit like live dealer roulette crossed with a slot machine and a television game show. The Dream Catcher hosts are also enthusiastic and genial, with a showbiz flourish unlike other live casino games you might play. Exciting stuff!

How to Play Dream Catcher

This is a very simple and straightforward game! The live host spins the wheel, and players bet on which number it will land on, such as 1, 2, 5, 4, 20 etc. The numbers pay out the corresponding ratio to winning bettors. So if it lands on 1 the winner gets 1-1 on their bet, 2-1 if it lands on 2 and so on. The 2x or 7x bonus multiplier segments are a curve ball, giving another spin of the wheel and a 7x or 2x multiplier to whoever wins on the second spin.

Big Wins Potential

What happens if the wheel lands on a multiplier again, I hear you ask? Well, the two bonuses are multiplied by each other and then that is applied to the next result of the spin. As you’d expect, this can result in some truly huge wins! 7x7x7 is 343 so imagine you if it then hit a 20 on that. That would be 8860 times your original stake, which is a pretty big sum.

However, before you go mad you should note that winnings are limited to 500k on a single spin of Dream Catcher. Even if you were a winner on the unlikely combo of a quadruple 7 and a 40 (which has yet to happen by the way) with a £1 bet, you’d still be nowhere near that limit. You can find evidence of big win triple 7 bets on Dream Catcher online easily enough, with some people winning up to £30/40,000 on a single spin. The chances of this happening are of course tiny.

How Does Dream Catcher Compare To Slots Or Live Roulette?

For fans of live dealer games, Dream Catcher will certainly be more interesting than most slots. The transparency of a live dealer spinning a physical wheel could also make this game attractive. For hard-core casino fans though, live dealer roulette is probably the more interesting option as much more variety and depth is available when it comes to betting patterns and strategies. No exciting 7x multiplier bonuses though but does a casino classic like roulette really need them? Both games have their good and bad points, but we can certainly see why many people love Dream Catcher and why it has become a staple at Live Casinos hosting Evolution Games.

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