Money Drop Live Strategy

Inspired by a popular UK TV show, Playtech has introduced a unique live game show called Money Drop Live. The specialty of the game is you need to go through 2 stages before getting the final payout. It’s all about risk and reward. RTP for each payout varies but all above 96%. There is a huge wheel with 54 sections and 8 betting options. The more risk you play, the chance of winning more money is higher, which can be up to 5,000x your bet!

How To Play Money Drop Live

Start the game by placing a wager on your betting options. You may bet on all 8 types. Once the betting closes, the host will spin the wheel. If it stops at your picked betting types, the game will go to the second stage which is money drop. 

At the money drop phase, there are 4 platforms from A to D. You can either spread your money on all four positions or keep it all in one, or any other field you want to be. You can also choose Auto Stack and let the game decide for you. 

The money then starts to drop. At the end, three out of four zones money will be dropped and money you placed on the dropped zone is forfeited. However, the safe zone money belongs to you. The number of money drop round is depends on the multiplier value that you won on the first stage. For example, if the wheel stops at 100x, that means you have to play two drop rounds. The number of drops may refer to the payout table. 

Extra Features

Card Clash

You are able to enter the Card Clash round if you have participated and the wheel lands on it. You are required to choose between two betting options, whether Blue or Pink. After selecting the card colour, dealer will start dealing each side with one card. The higher card value side wins. This process is repeated for 3 rounds. 

Card Cash Rewards After Three Game Rounds


Ready To Play?

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