How To Play Bac Bo

Bac Bo

Bac Bo combines elements from casino popular games, Baccarat and Sic Bo. The game works similarly to traditional Baccarat but with a slightly different experience. Four dice are used in Bac Bo, instead of the usual playing card. The rules and gameplay are easier compared to Baccarat as you only need to predict the outcome of dice rolls. You can bet on the Player or Banker side, with the betting choice (Player, Banker, or Tie) of which position has the highest combined total of two dice wins. If the dice tie with Double Ones or Double Sixes, you will get an 88:1 payout.  

How To Play

Bac Bo is very simple and easy to play. It plays with four dice. Each of the dice is placed on an automatic shaker. One marked as Player (blue) and the other as Banker (red). During the 15-second betting period, the dice will start shaking at the same time but stop at different times. The first dice to stop is Players, followed by Banker, then the player again and finally the Banker. Once they stop, they are compared and the winner is declared. What you need to do is to predict which hand will have the highest dice total. Same as classic baccarat games, your betting options include Player, Banker and Tie. At Bac Bo, if the result is a Tie, you still get 0.9 payout. 


Ready To Play?

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