Gold Deluxe Live Casino

Gold Deluxe is an Asian-facing developer of live dealer games established in 2011. The company is based in Philippines and currently employs more than 100 individuals. They’ve made their portfolio available at many of the leading gaming sites in Asia, and while still focused on Asian markets, the provider is also starting to deploy their products in other parts of the world.

They self-advertise as a Baccarat specialist and seem shy to mention RNG games which are also part of their assortment, even though they cover pretty much everything. On top of slots, video poker and arcade games, you’ll find a selection of unique table games such as Wishing Cup and Gourd Chicken.

When it comes to live gaming, Gold Deluxe banks on providing the most diverse game interface and bet types in the market, promising to keep boosting their products with even more advanced features. The company is licensed in Philippines with PAGCOR.

Games Offered By Gold Deluxe

Gold Deluxe is not exactly a newcomer yet they still only offer two game types – Baccarat and Roulette. Their Philippines studio features a rather basic design, with multiple tables placed on the same floor to mimic land-based venue environment. The sound, however, is not streamed, dealers are silent, and there is no live chat option. The Lobby displays games with plenty of related information, including a detailed overview of past results, time remaining for placing bets, and a choice of 2 betting limit ranges.

Straightforward interface clearly segments the screen into three main elements, starting with a menu with settings and various options, live feed positioned on the top half, and betting interface occupying space below. Multi-table functionality allows players to select up to 3 tables which they can play at simultaneously.

Gold Deluxe Live Baccarat
As is usually the case with developers catering to Asian markets, Live Baccarat is Gold Deluxe’s flagship product delivered via several variants. They all offer multiple bet types, including Banker / Player Pair, Big and Small. The basic variant features a simple betting board without trying to replicate genuine Baccarat table design. Plenty of space is given to statistics, standard 5 roadmaps included.

The only sound you’ll hear is a pre-recorded female voice informing players when it’s time to start / stop placing bets and announcing the outcome of a round. You can turn it off if you wish, and do the same with the video stream. 3D Baccarat superimposes computer-generated betting table over the physical one, thus increasing the authenticity of your gaming experience. Multi-bet Baccarat offers several additional side bets, such as colour and suit of Banker’s / Player’s first card. You’ll also be able to bet on the sum of either hand being Even or Odd, Big or Small, or a specific number between 0 and 9. If you’re playing Gold Deluxe Live Baccarat At Nova88, you’ll be able to place bets ranging from €2 to €500.

Gold Deluxe Live Roulette
Live Roulette is a European variant with 3 game modes to choose from: Standard, 32-47-71, and 29-59-89-119. In the last two, payout odds of Straight bets are substituted by dynamic odds and can subsequently deliver either 32/47/71 to 1, or 29/59/89/119 to 1. Interface is the same whichever mode you choose. Live stream occupies the middle position on top, and camera zooms in on the wheel once it starts spinning.

Winning numbers of last 30 rounds are displayed to the left, with History button additionally offering an overview of Hot / Cold and Even / Odd outcomes. Bets can be placed using a digital image of a standard betting table, or a racetrack which is opened by clicking on Neighbour button. One can additional bet on Voisins du Zero, Tier and Orphelins by using button marked as Special. At Nova88 Casino, Live Roulette table accepts bets from €1 to €10,000.

Gold Deluxe Live Sic Bo
Sic Bo is a traditional Asian games where one bets on the outcome of a 3 dice roll. You’ll have 30 seconds to place bets, which might seem a bit a long but may be helpful given the number of betting options available.

Video zooms in on the glass container while dice are being shaken, and the outcome is additionally displayed by computer-generated dice tossed on the betting board with highlighted winning numbers / combinations. Statistics of the last 6 rounds is shown by individual dice numbers, their sum, as well as Big / Small outcome. Nova88 offers Gold Deluxe Live Sic Bo with a choice of 6 bet limit ranges, starting as low as €1 to going as high as €20,000.

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