Does Live Casino Cheat?

Live Casino has brought convenience to players especially those who cannot make it to the traditional land-based casino. Players can play live casino games comfortably at their own house at any time. Many players, especially new to online gambling will wonder if live casino games are being rigged. There is a possibility for live dealer casinos to cheat. However, most of the live dealers are putting their reputations on the line. The penalty is heavy if they are found cheated and could disappear from the industry forever. Hence, the gambling platform will take precautions to avoid this from happening. If you are still worried about being cheated, you can refer to the below guidance to play safely. 

How To Know If A Live Casino Is Cheating

#1 Bad Reputation

Always do some study before selecting any casino platforms. Read the reviews about the gameplay. If the site has many bad reviews, then it is most likely that the live casino will rigged games. Players will leave bad reviews to the casino that offer unfair services. 

#2 Lack of Transparency

A legit casino platform is transparent with their licensing and regulations. If they didn’t provide related information or you can’t find it online, that means they do not have any of these qualifications. A not certified gambling site has the potential to rig the games and provide unfair services. 

#3 Dealer No Answer Questions

Another sign that indicates whether the gambling site is offering rigged games is the live casino dealer. Normally, the live dealer will chat with you and provide information during gameplay. You may ask questions and they will try to solve it for you. If you notice the dealer didn’t answer any questions, then the game might not be safe to play. You have to quickly quit the game. 

#4 Payout Problems

Payment issues are the big problems among illegal gambling sites. Some operators didn’t pay out the winnings especially when you win big. You can get the news through the player’s review. Avoid the operators at all or else you will be the unlucky one! Rogue casinos always refuse to pay out the winnings and take it for granted. 

How To Avoid Being Cheated

#1 Read The Reviews on Live Dealer Casinos

You can read the rating from any websites that provide online casino reviews. If you already have the desired gambling site in mind, you need to read more reviews about them on multiple websites. Different websites have different opinions on the gaming site. Mostly they will cover the game variety, bonuses, and banking options.

#2 Keep Up On Gambling News or Relevant Scandals

To avoid any live casino that has been involved in questionable incidents, you have to do some research in advance just in case. There might be new scandals from time to time. Hence, you need to take precautions by checking out gambling industry news in a certain period. You will be able to find the entertaining stories if any, such as BetOnline Cheating Scandal in 2017. 

#3 Play at Legit Gambling Site

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