Asia Gaming Live Casino

Asia Gaming was founded in 2012 and didn’t take long to claim the title of the most innovative Asian live gaming provider. In addition to live casino, they offer more than 100 slots, table games and video poker games. The developer works with a motto of “Impressive Experience Only”, intent on delivering high-quality, unique products. For example, Asia Gaming was the first to offer pre-dealing 6 cards and interactive Bid Baccarat.

Though most of their games have been designed for Asian market, they’ve made sure to make them available to players in Europe and other parts of the world. The company is licensed by First Cagayan and their live dealer platform certificated by Gaming Laboratory International.

Games Offered By Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming streams their live games from very classy, upscale-looking studios. Live Casino platform consists of five lobbies, namely AGIN, AGQ, BID, VIP and Multiplay. Each provides an overview of available games along with the picture of the dealer, language spoken at the table, betting limits, number of players, game statistics, and a timer.

Game interface tends to be quite busy with lots of information permanently displayed over the live feed, though it doesn’t harm the visibility of the table and the game. Depending on the casino, players will be offered to choose language (English, Mandarin or Cantonese) and pick out of 12 music options.

Asia Gaming Live Baccarat

Live Classic Baccarat uses 8 decks and features 8 player positions; on entering the game, you’ll be assigned one of them. Available side bets include Banker and Player Pair, Big / Small, Banker Dragon Bonus and Player Dragon Bonus. The last two win when Banker / Player hand is a natural with a higher point count than the opposite hand, or if the total of the winning hand exceeds the losing one by 4 points or more.

Wide screen video shows the dealer in an area made to look like a genuine casino floor, with numerous other tables in the background. Cards dealt are not easy to read, so that their digital images displayed on the left are a necessity rather than an extra. Standard five roadmaps are available below the video feed, while a discreet menu positioned in the bottom left corner offers quick access to Lobby, game rules and settings. A pre-recorded voice can be heard on top of the dealer’s, announcing when to place bets and calling results. One can switch it off, and do the same with background music and casino sounds. Betting limits at Nova88 range from €2 to €5,000.

BID Baccarat is unique variation of the traditional game with squeezing opportunity. It’s normally hosted by two ladies, one acting as a dealer and the other as a presenter (often sounding like a cheerleader). Join and Side bets are two betting patterns offered. If the table happens to be empty, one can select only Join pattern; if it’s full, only Side bet will be available. Join bet limit is defined by the table, while Side limit depends on the odd limit and a corresponding limit of a particular wager type.

Only Join betting players get to reveal cards, and if there’s more than one player betting on the same hand, the one whose bet is the highest will have the privilege. During the betting time players can click on “wait me” button to request additional 10 seconds for placing their bets. Participants can additionally talk to the host and tip her should they wish to. What’s unusual is that voice chat option has also been included.

Live Insurance Baccarat is made to protect a stronger hand against losing, or in the case of a 9, a tie. Insurance can be purchased after 4 cards have been dealt. VIP Baccarat comes with a unique feature which allows players to control the pace of the game and squeezing of the cards, offers them to change the dealer and get cards shuffled whenever they want. Talk about red carpet treatment!

VIP players can wager between €1,000 and €30,000 at Nova88. Finally, one can select Multiplayer Baccarat and play 4 games simultaneously. In 2017, the company has launched Baccarat tournament with a predefined number of participants. The tournament begins once all seats have been claimed, and the last remaining player wins. Prizes are awarded according to the Tournament Prize Pool Structure.

Asia Gaming Live Roulette

Live Roulette is a standard European Roulette with a single zero. One can zoom in and out of the video displaying the dealer and the wheel, and place bets either by using digitally represented betting table on the right or a Racetrack positioned below.

Moving your mouse over either of these displays payouts and betting limits for each individual area, which is quite helpful. Detailed statistics are shown at the bottom, and same settings and other options available as in Live Baccarat games. At Nova88, players can try their luck with a minimum of €2 and a maximum of €5,000.

Asia Gaming Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a game similar to Baccarat. Only two cards are drawn, one to the Dragon and the other to the Tiger, while players bet on which of the two will be higher. The game offers no other bets other Dragon / Tiger / Tie, and features the same kind of layout as Live Baccarat.

Asia Gaming Live Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo is played with three dice, shaken with the help of a mechanical container. One can bet on a range of different outcomes, among which specific triples deliver the highest payout of 150:1. You’ll see digital betting table superimposed over a physical one, and a super-large video of the glass container displayed in the middle of the screen. Statistics available at the bottom can be made to show Even / Odd, Big / Small, Sum and Dice results. Live Sic Bo at Nova88 also features betting limits of €2 minimum and €5,000 maximum.

Asia Gaming Live Blackjack

In order to cater to European players, Live European Blackjack was added to the company’s portfolio mid-2017. The game features several new betting options, but other than that there’s not much else we can share, as we’ve yet to find a casino offering it.

Asia Gaming Live Bull Bull

Bull Bull is a fast-paced traditional card game popular in China. Before a round starts, the dealer will show the first card which decides the dealing order for Banker and Player 1/2/3, and then pre-deal 5 cards to each hand. Participants can bet on Player 1/2/3 “Equal” or “Double, and Banker 1/2/3 “Equal” or “Double”.

Possible outcomes include 5 Gong (5 cards consisting of J, Q, K), Bull Bull (3 cards adding up to a multiple of 10, and the other 2 adding up to 10 or 20), Bull 9 (3 cards adding up to a multiple of 10, with the other 2 cards adding up to 9 or 19), Bull 8, Bull 7 and so on, with the last option being No Bull.

Asia Gaming Live Win Three Cards

Win Three Cards is a popular Asian game also known as Golden Flower. The dealer deals 3 cards face-down to Dragon and Phoenix, and players bet on which hand is higher. They can also place Pair 8 Plus side bet which wins with a pair of 9s to pair of Aces, Straight, Flush, Straight Flush and Three-of-a-kind.

The latter delivers the highest payout of 120:1.There are a few specific rules one needs to acknowledge before placing any money on the table. For example, 2-3-5 combination beats Three-of-a-kind, but is otherwise the weakest hand.

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