2022 EuroBasket title favorites

2022 EuroBasket title favorites

Five days after the 2022 EuroBasket started, there are already fan favorites to win the tournament. EuroBasket is one of the most anticipated FIBA World Cup qualifiers because of the stars playing for their respective countries. Almost every countries in the EuroBasket has a player playing in the NBA. Moreover, what makes this tournament more exciting is the level of competitiveness each nation shows. No country should be underestimated in this tournament because all countries can surprise you.

In this article, we will discuss the top favorites to win the title. These favorites are according to the odds from the bettors. So to all bettors out there, you might grab this chance to bet for your favorite EuroBasket team, as the betting odds are fantastic!

Serbia (+350)

Photo courtesy of FIBA

Having NBA’s two-time MVP, Nikola Jokic, this squad is surely the favorites to win the title for the EuroBasket. However, Jokic alone cannot win the gold for the Serbian team, what is good in this team is they play as one. They are not a one-man team who is nothing without their main man. This squad is packed with amazing players. They have the 2021 EuroLeague MVP, Vasilije Micic that will also play a very important role for this team’s success. Additionally, this squad also have a brilliant guards who can mandate their plays well. With a team full of talented and skillful players, what could possibly go wrong?

Slovenia (+400)

Photo courtesy of FIBA

Slovenia is the defending champions of the FIBA EuroBasket. With that being said, it is very clear that they are indeed a contender this year. They first won their title five years ago under the leadership of the NBA veteran, Goran Dragic. Now that the EuroBasket started once again, it is now the younger Luka Doncic who leads his squad. Doncic was known for his unbelievable magic in the NBA, and here, he will certainly be more magical. This squad is a complete and a balanced squad so expect that nothing can go wrong. Additionally, their experience and eagerness to defend their title will surely be their key this time.

Greece (+400)

Photo courtesy of FIBA

A two-time NBA MVP will also play for the Greece with Giannis Antetokounmpo leading this team for a successful campaign. However, it is not just Giannis who have been balling around for the Greek squad. His borthers, Kostas and Thanasis have constantly impress for their country. Aside from these three, there are also other players who really impress wearing the Greek jersey. Nick Calathes, Kostas Papanikolaou, and Tyler Dorsey are all a surprise from the Greek squad. With several players being very impressive for this squad, they really deserve to belong in the teams that could win the tournament.

France (+400)

EuroBasket: France
Photo courtesy of FIBA

This squad might be the most developed squad in the EuroBasket as their progress have been very noticeable for the past years. The French squad was doing great in all aspects, and their defense is their key. Rudy Gobert is one of the factors why the French squad is doing very well in the international stage. Additionally, with Gobert on their squad, it is no surprise why they do well defensively. He just won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year for the third time. Aside from him, there are also other players who shines for France. They have Evan Fournier, Thomas Heurtel, and Guerschon Yabusele in their team who are in-charge for their three points.

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