World Cup: Best bets beyond odds board

World Cup Best bets beyond odds board

Odds board displays the top bets of bettors, encouraging other bettors to place their bets on the same bets. Just like in the World Cup, when you see an odds board about the World Cup, you will first see the favorites. Most probably, when you see one, the top favorites there are Brazil, France, England, Argentina, and Spain. Of course, who would not want to place their best to a proven and tested squad already, right? However, you might want to consider other teams which also have higher chance of winning in the tournament.

In this article, we will give you other options where to place your bets aside from the teams at the top of the board. Although it is good to bet on the favorites, it does not mean that only them have the chance of winning the World Cup. These two teams are the two teams that have high potential but placed beyond the odds board. You might want to bet on Denmark and Senegal who might surprise everyone with their results.

Denmark (+3500)

World Cup odds: Denmark
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For a team to be considered as the dark horse, it is already clear that they have something to offer. Although they never won in the World Cup, Denmark might have one of the best record for the underdogs. This team only failed to go through the group stage once in the five times they qualified for the World Cup. Once, this team even reached the quarterfinals, and three are in the Round of 16. With that kind of record, it is clear that this squad has a chance in the World Cup.

However, despite their chances, one of the early challenge they may face is the fact that they are in the same group with France. Despite that, they will arrive in Qatar with a high potential. In their World Cup qualifiers, they dominated their opponents where they finished with nine wins, 1 lost, and 0 draw. France may be tough to defeat but Denmark managed to defeat them at their home turf. Denmark even had a huge scoring chance against the French, winning their match, 4-3.

As Christian Eriksen is finally recovered, the attacking of Denmark will surely have a boost. Defensively, they have Simon Kjaer and Kasper Schmeichel, so expect that they will really come big in the tournament.

Senegal (+10200)

World Cup odds: Senegal
Photo courtesy of Alain Guy Suffo

In the history of the World Cup, no African squad have every won the tournament, but who knows? This might be it. Although they are placed in the middle to the bottom part of the odds board for the World Cup, their numbers are just too good. They have guys like Sadio Mane, Kalidou Koulibaly, and Edouard Mendy so their campaign this time is no joke. During their qualifiers, they have an advantage in big scoring chances.

Senegal are currently in a little easy group in the tournament so it may not be that much of a challenge to qualify for the Round of 16. However, too much confidence may kill Senegal’s chances. Among the other countries in their group, Senegal have the highest chance in the Round of 16, but they need to work harder to qualify in the quarterfinals. Although they are not at the top of the boards, it is still worth it to place your bets for them.

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