Win More At Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

It is the first time Evolution collaborated with their slot developer to bring out an Entertainment Game Show called Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. Evolution has used the very popular Gonzo’s Quest story to create a hybrid Live Dealer /RNG slots game with a unique online gaming experience. The game can be played using a Virtual Reality headset which is the first ever live dealer game. Similar to the Cash Hunt Bonus Round at Crazy Time, you pick tiles to reveal a cash prize. In Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, a number of prize symbols that you want to discover and the picks you want to have are needed to be selected at the beginning of the game. The game will jump into action after selecting hidden tiles on the bonus wall. It will reveal Bonus Prizes, multipliers and re-drops before revealing whether the tiles you picked have won.

How To Play

The first step of the game is to place a bet, by selecting the stone colours. There are six colours and each colour has a different payout. Compared to stones with a high payout, the stones with a lower payout appear more frequently. Here is the overview of how much the stones payout and how often they appear on the wall.

You can bet on as many colours as you want to. If you bet on all six colours, you are guaranteed to win for all of your picks but the overall payout may not equal your bet amount. Another option is to bet different amounts on different colours of tiles. To calculate your bet amount, you need to add all of the bets you placed on various tiles and then multiply that amount by the number of picks you choose. You have about 25 seconds to pick the tiles. If you are not able to get all of your picks placed by the end of that 25 seconds, the system will randomly choose tiles for you.

Gonzo’s Price Drop

After choosing all the tiles on the wall, Gonzo will turn a key in the wall to activate the prize drop. For the top row of tiles, it will move across the screen and stop randomly. The tiles can be multipliers, bonus prizes, re-drops, or blank. Also, there will be another row underneath that with some tiles and some open spaces. Other than that, the tile from the top row will drop if there is an open space and apply its prize to a random space in that column.

Regarding the price drop, there is no guarantee that any prizes will drop. Let’s say if the second row doesn’t have open spaces, then none of the prizes will drop. There is a time when there are no prizes that land on the first row. It is also important to understand that the bonus prizes only apply to a specific tile. You will not get any benefit from the prize drop if that tile is not one of the tiles that you chose. Once the prize drop feature is done, the tiles on the wall will turn over to reveal their colours. The first colour to be revealed is the brown tiles, followed by the orange tiles, purple tiles, and so on. All of the prizes that you won will be highlighted. Also, your prize would reflect the additional amount if there were a bonus prize applied to that tile. 

Ready To Play?

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