Who will end their winning streak? Dudelange vs Pyunik

Shooting their shots to inch closer for the 2022 UEFA Champions League is a battle between Dudelange vs Pyunik.

This is a battle of two teams who are eyeing to continue their winning streak with Dudelange currently on a six-game winning streak while Pyunik is on a 16 away games winning streak. 

Dudelange came from a crucial game against Tirana which they eventually overcame with a score of 1-0. However, since the first leg of the qualifiers, the number one problem of Dudelange is their consistency, but they still made it to the second leg of the qualifiers. 

For this match, it is expected that the Dudelange will become more defensive and will be able to protect the lead against the Pyunik. This will be one of the strategies the Dudelange must employ so they can beat the Pyunik. 

Pyunik on the other hand does not have good games during the first leg of the qualifiers as well, what kills them is their offensive chances. They must grab the opportunity by the second leg to improve their games or they will miss their shot to be qualified for the champions league. 

Luckily, there are no reports yet of injured players from both teams so this match is an exciting match as both teams are complete. Dudelange will become more defensive which will make it harder for Pyunik to take advantage of their offensive chances.


F91 Dudelange (2.5)

Odds: -0.91

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