What can Griffin’s one-year deal bring to the Celtics?

What can Griffin's one-year deal bring to the Celtics

Blake Griffin was acquired by the Celtics after Danilo Gallinari tore his ACL during the FIBA World Cup qualifier. He was signed by the Celtics in a one-year $2.9 million deal since they are in-need of a big man. After his stint with the Brooklyn Nets, Griffin is now a free agent before his contract with the Celtics. However, Griffin’s stint with the Nets does not end well as he failed to be the star he was before. Now that he is with the team that in-need of the bigs, he needs to prove that he is still as explosive as before.

The Celtics believe that Griffin suits their front court as their front court encounters health concerns. They are in need of a help in the front court following Gallinari’s injury. With that, Griffin can offer adequate cover for Horford in his arrival with the Celtics. Additionally, this guy’s experience is no joke, so expect him to contribute not just offensively, but most especially, defensively. During his prime, Griffin is one of the players that offers support to the guards, so expect him to do the same for the Celtics.

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On his campaign with the Nets, Griffin averaged 6.4 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 1.9 assists, on a 42.5% shooting. Expect him to work hard, especially on the boards, while orchestrating the pace on the floor. Especially with the absence of Gallinari, expect Griffin to lead the frontcourt of the Celtics

. Additionally, if Griffin will be able to re-establish his shooting game, he will be deadly for his team. As a veteran, expect that he can bring a lot for his squad, especially the guidance they all need.

He is, after all, a capable big man who can still have an impressive night when it comes to scoring. However, Griffin needs to take advantage of all the opportunities given to him.

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