Top 3 players to bring home the Golden Ball

Top 3 players to bring home the Golden Ball

Aside from the title itself, probably the most awaited award in the World Cup is whoever receives the Golden Ball. Unlike the Golden Boot award, the Golden Ball award is for the player who excels throughout the tournament. Comparing to other sports, Golden Ball is the Most Valuable Player in the World Cup. It was first introduced in 1983 during the World Cup Spain. Currently, there are 10 different players who obtained such prestigious award, so many awaits who will receive such award this time.

Last World Cup, it was Luka Modric from Croatia who took home the Golden Ball award. The question is that, will Modric repeat his glory in the World Cup? Or will someone else take home the said award? In this article, we will let you see the favorites to win this award for this year’s World Cup. And surprise! The defending awardee of this award is not on this list. Nonetheless, these three are the top favorites to win the said award this time.

Vinicius Jr.

Golden Ball: Vinicius Jr
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

As someone who belongs in the number one favorite team to win the competition, it is no surprise that Vinicius Jr. belongs in the list. Brazil is actually a squad with loaded line-up, and one of their star is Vinicius Jr. His improvement is very visible, and his development in his game really helped his squad including in the Champions League. He is one of the reasons why Brazil’s attacking have been very good throughout the years. In his 52 appearances for Brazil, he managed to score 22 goals along with 20 assists across all competitions. Additionally, he also made a goal that gives Real Madrid the title for the Champions League.

Kylian Mbappe

Golden Ball: Kylian Mbappe
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

This guy is also one of the top picks for the golden boot award. Imagine being picked for the golden boot and golden ball award, that means one thing; you are one of the best right now. He is considered as one of the best forwards right now, and was part of the French squad winning the title last edition. With that, it is very obvious how he can impact his team.

Neymar Jr.

Golden Ball: Neymar Jr.
Photo grabbed from Twitter

Neymar Jr. started the season well as he already provided seven goals and six assists in four appearances with PSG. If he can show the same energy and same level of performance in the World Cup, expect him to win the award.

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