Stephen Curry, to make magic for the Warriors once again

Stephen Curry, to make magic for the Warriors once again

Stephen Curry need not to prove himself in the league as he already did it for the past NBA seasons. In fact, just last year, Golden State do not belong to the favorites to win the title, but they did. Although they have Klay Thompson, Curry was the one who made things possible, especially during the eliminations. Just last season, he became the league’s all-time leading 3-point shooter. Actually, last season is very colorful for Curry as he received more than two awards. He received awards like All-Star Game MVP, Western Conference finals MVP, Finals MVP, and his fourth championship.

This offseason, he also received numerous achievements which proves how great of a person he is. As he is about to enter his 14th season in the NBA, he is planning to extend his prime in this season. The success of the Warriors depends on the health and way of playing of Curry for the 2022-23 season. Although Curry’s way of playing dictates the success of Warriors, other members of the squad needs to step-up.

What can we expect from Curry for the 2022-23 season?

NBA: Stephen Curry
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Steph is not like other players who will fake injury just so he could take a rest during the regular season. However, last season, he missed several matches because of an injury in the foot. He managed to come back during the playoffs, and bring magic to his squad, bringing them to the finals. Yes, Curry is not getting any younger, but his greatness is not fading. He just extended his contract in the NBA for four years which proves that he is still in his prime.

This upcoming 2022-23 is actually more exciting as injured players from all teams are expected to come back. Three-point shooting is the number one edge of Curry among other players. After all, this is where he became well-know as he is unstoppable beyond the arc. Coming from a championship, he definitely still have the rhythm of a champion. Expect Curry to still be Warriors’ number one player, providing sparks for their squad.

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