Spain takes on Portugal with hopes for a finals trip

Spain takes on Portugal with hopes for a finals trip

As the Nations League nearing its close, Spain is hoping to snatch the finals spot from Portugal as they lag behind their opponent. Spain and Portugal are in their final match of the Nations League. For Spain, this is a now or never match as if they lose in this match, they already lost their chance for the finals. On the other hand, the Portuguese only needs a win or a draw to secure their spot in the finals. Spain is currently behind Portugal, so they are in need of a victory to win a trip to the finals.

Portugal hosts their match against Spain on September 28, 2022 at 2:45 AM (GMT+8). Portugal topped their group gathering 10 points from their previous matches. Meanwhile, Spain at second place managed to get eight points from their matches. Spain is actually a brilliant team, making them very difficult to predict. They managed to surprise their opponents, the main reason why they are currently the second. Portugal have been extremely impressive, especially when it comes to attack. In fact, they recorded a 4-0 win against Czech Republic which is a huge boost to the confidence of this squad.


Nations League: Portugal
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What is good in this Portugal squad is that it is never a problem when one of their players is absent. The other players know when to step up when they need to which is why it is not big of a problem when they lost one. Just like when Joao Cancelo was not able to play against Czech Republic, it was Diogo Dalot who played exceptional for this team. As they currently have 10 points, this squad is looking to make it to 15 points as they take on Spain. A win or a draw is already enough for the Portuguese to make it to the final four. They may be at the advantage this time as they won their last four home matches.

Coming from a suspension, Cancelo is now back for Portugal, but Dalot will certainly not be dropped from their squad. And of course, they have Cristiano Ronaldo to lead them until the furthest they can.


Nations League: Spain
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If only Spain won their match against Switzerland, they could have been in the top of the groups. However, they were surprised by the Swiss when the Spanish were defeated by the Swiss in a 2-1 loss. This loss ended the unbeaten record of Switzerland across all competitions. It was Manuel Akanji who scored that one goal for Spain after losing their first home game defeat in nearly two years. A win will do for Spain, but it will surely not easy for them as Portugal will not go easy on them.

Dani Carvajal and Diego Llorante will finally suit up in this match after not participating in their match against Switzerland. They purposely sit up these two last match so they could participate in their match against Poland. As these two are both from the fresh legs, expect that they could be as impressive as they can be.


Portugal (2.5)
Odds: -0.63

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