Spain looks to get their second World Cup title

Spain looks to get their second World Cup title

Spain‘s prime in football is back in 2010, where they are three-peat, including a back-to-back European championships. After that, many expected Spain to be as deadly and as strong as they were that year. However, thing are not the same anymore as Spain failed to live up to the expectations of their fans. For the past two World Cups, the Spanish performed underwhelmingly, disappointing a lot of their supporters. Now that they have the chance to redeem themselves, they are looking to return to the summit of football, when they participate for the World Cup.

This year, they actually showed positive signs, when they reached the semi-finals of Euro 2020. Unluckily, they lost to Italy on the semis because of penalties that hurt them. As for their Nations League stint, they lost to France, finishing-up as the runners-up. Although they failed to win the title in those two leagues, it is already a positive sign for the Spanish side. Now that they improved a little, they are hoping to land a place in the World Cup.

World Cup: Spain

Spain is actually at the top five favorites to win the title this edition of the World Cup. Giants like Brazil, France, and England is on top of them. Despite failing to be impressive last World Cup, the fact that they are still in the list, means many still believes that they still have what it takes to win this competition. During the draw, this team landed in a tricky group with Germany, Japan, and Costa Rica. These teams are teams that are not easy to beat. Nonetheless, they need to be confident that they can past through these opponents.

At least, expect Spain to qualify for the Round of 16 in the World Cup, being at the second place of the group. However, if they want to go further in the competition, they need to be confident that they can make it.

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