Season 20 for Lebron James

Season 20 for Lebron James

Lebron James will be playing his 20th season in the NBA this upcoming 2022-23 NBA season, making him the 10th player who played 20 seasons. He just renewed his two-year contract with the Lakers for $100M, which proves that he is still the “King”. For the 37-year-old James, he is still capable of being the best player on the floor for his squad. For the past 19 seasons he played in the NBA, he showed real greatness and power, the reason why many called him the “King”. Despite his age, he can still find his way to the game in a smooth and easy way. Of course, what can you expect for someone who happens to be the fourth-best player in the history of sport.

During his past 19 seasons, James already proved that he deserves to be one of the greatest player the league had. He is an 18-time All Star, 18-time All-NBA performer, four-time champion, four-time MVP, and four-time Finals MVP. With that kind of record, what else could he prove? He will definitely go down as one of the greatest players in the NBA history. Now that he signed for a two-year extension for the Lakers, he will definitely come up big this season. However, although all knows how he plays, age began creeping his game. For the past two seasons with the Lakers, injuries and health issues already starts bothering James. For his 20th season, he needs to work harder in order to achieve his 5th championship title, two with the Lakers.

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If Lebron wants a fifth championship across his name, he must enter this upcoming season in full health. He is no longer the young Lebron James who need not to worry about injuries. Additionally, a healthy Lebron James is a huge boost for the Lakers. Now that Anthony Davis is most likely back for the Lakers, Lakers also needed a healthy Lebron as Lakers is a different squad with Lebron. If he and Davis remains healthy, Lakers will once again be a dangerous team in the NBA.

Aside from that, Lebron’s another goal is to be on the same team with his son, Bronny. In different interviews, Lebron said that his last team in the NBA is wherever his son will be drafted. So expect a father and son tandem in the future in the NBA.

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