Saudi Arabia, Philippines, a battle of the better team

Saudi Arabia, Philippines, a battle of the better team

The match between Saudi Arabia and the Philippines is a match in preparation for the 2023 FIBA World Cup. It is a game of whose team is better. Over the past years, Saudi Arabia have continuously improved. On the other hand, Philippines is looking to bounce back after their close loss against Lebanon during their last game.

A match-improved Saudi Arabia will have to face a powerhouse Philippine team. Over the years, a constant improvement was seen for Saudi Arabia which could help them win against the Philippines. Philippines on the other hand will go all-out to win at home this time. Despite the powerhouse team, the Philippines still was not able to win against Lebanon on their last game.

Saudi Arabia

FIBA: Saudi Arabia
Photo courtesy of FIBA

Many believes that the Saudi Arabians were able to improve so much last year. However, during their tint last year, fans became disappointed as they did not finish the fans expected them to do. However, the main reason for it is because they lost their main man, Mohammed Alsuwailem, which is a huge blow for them. His absence continuously hurt Saudi as he did not play for some time now.

With the absence of Alsuwailem, Nassir Abo Jalas and Ayoub Alhawsawi is expected to lead the Saudi Arabia in the front court. The advantage of Saudi Arabia against the Philippines is the fact that they have played altogether for several years. The Philippines only had a practice together a week before the qualifiers.


FIBA: Philippines
Photo courtesy of FIBA

With the Philippines being the host for this match, they automatically qualified for the 2023 FIBA World Cup. However, the team should still win this match as they will face their home crowd and this will be Clarkson’s debut game at home. Controversies and issues have been bugging this team lately, so at some point, it is good that they automatically qualify. Team Philippines is composed of both collegiate and professional players, plus Jordan Clarkson.

With the absence of Saudi’s main man, the team has a higher chance to win this match with Kai Sotto and Japeth Aguilar dominating the frontline. However, what is still missing with the Philippine team is a legit point guard that could really orchestrate the floor. Scottie Thompson and Jordan Clarkson play as point guards but these two are not legit point guards.


Total Handicap: 23.5
Odds: 0.86

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