Russel Westbrook re-signs with the Clippers

Russel Westbrook re-signs with the Clippers

Russel Westbrook joins the Clippers once again in a two-year deal, worth $7.8 million, just after Westbrook finished a season with the Clippers. Although the deal is already expected since he was traded in the Clippers last season, what is unexpected is the amount of the deal. Last season, Westbrook had a salary of $47 million, which is almost seven times more than this year. Due to this, he have been the biggest pay cut in the NBA history to join the Clippers. Nonetheless, Westbrook is more than ready to show the Clippers that he remains to be a capable player for them. After all, he is a former MVP awardee, and is set to prove that he is the same player from that era.

Russel Westbrook provides additional strength

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Last season, Westbrook got traded to the Clippers from the Lakers in the middle of the season. This is after he continuously fail to prove himself for the Lakers. Before his trade, Westbrook was involved in countless trade rumors, failing to prove his strengths. As he joined the Clippers, he was able to regain his confidence and form, helping the Clippers. In fact, he was able to clinch a spot in the starters for the Clippers last season as their point guard. His coming to the Clippers last season is at the right time, as both Leonard and George suffered injuries. Westbrook was able to prove himself to the Clippers, thus, the re-signing of the former MVP. For the next season, Westbrook will definitely be a factor for the Clippers.

Over the last season, Westbrook was able to start 21 times for the Clippers, averaging 15.8 points, and 7.6 assists. Moreover, he is one of the players who led the Clippers during the playoffs, with the absence of their stars. He started in all the five playoff matches of the Clippers last season, where he averaged 23.6 points. Additionally, along with those points, he also chipped in 7.6 rebounds, and 7.4 assists per game. Those numbers are more than enough to prove why the Clippers opted to re-sign him for the next season. After signing Westbrook, the Clippers will surely not stop here, as they are aiming to add more from the free agents. Additionally, rumors says that James Harden could also join the Clippers, as he request trade from the 76ers.

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