Prediction: LoL 2022 World Champions

Prediction LoL 2022 World Champions

Few days from now, The LoL 2022 World Champions will start, with the champions all around the World, competing for the title. Since this is a match of teams who barely meet each other, it is very hard to say what could happen. However, that fact is what makes this competition exciting as you could not set expectations in their matches. In order to predict what could happen, you can only rely on their performances. Nonetheless, we will try to see who are the favorites for this edition to win the title. Additionally, we will also try to look at who could be the best region to participate in the tournament.

Who will win the LoL Worlds this year?

This maybe the questions to everyone’s mind right now- Who could be this year’s champion? When it comes to the LoL Worlds, there are three names who could be awarded of the title. Gen.G, TOP Esports, and JD Gaming are three teams who have potential to take home the title for this edition. Now, let us see how these three teams could win the title. First is the Gen.G who is currently ahead of all LoL teams when it comes to the rankings. The transfers they made for 2022 have made a strong improvement for the team. Their new recruits raised the team’s individual skills. Additionally, their players played as one, sticking to the game plan, and working hard 10 times harder.

LoL Worlds: Trophy
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Meanwhile, although JD Gaming is a serious contender, TOP Esports have an edge compared to them- Experience. In order to win the title, experience is a must-have, and that is what TOP Esports have that JD Gaming does not have. TOP Esports and JD Gaming fought in the LPL finals where JD Gaming won, so these two already have history. However, JD Gaming have a relatively inexperienced roster, so it may be a battle between Gen.G and TOP Esports.

Who can be the best region in Worlds 2022?

When it comes to the LoL Worlds, there is a fact rather than opinion, and that is the dominance of Asian teams. Asian teams have continuously dominate the LoL Worlds stage, especially those from LCK and LPL. From the previous years, these two leagues took home the title back-to-back. Western teams on the other hand, always made it to the top four, but they never win a trophy for 10 years now. Actually, the quality of LoL in the western regions are lagging behind the Asian teams. With this quality of LoL gaming, it prevents them from winning against the Asian teams.

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