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Different from the other entertainment game shows, Boom City by Pragmatic Play uses a 6×6 grid with 36 squares and 2 big physical dice to determine game outcome. Gold dice represent the vertical column while Blue dice is the horizontal row. The game has three bonus rounds and Power Up features that can boost up to 20,000x wins. If the dice land nicely, players have the chance to get massive multipliers. 

How To Play Boom City

Players have 10 seconds to guess and bet on the square that they think might be landed. Total 6 options to bet on, including 1x Bronze, 2x Silver, 5x Gold, Dice Battle, Lucky Drop and Boom or Bust. You may place one bet, multiple bet or bet on all. The host will activate the dice platforms once the betting time closes. Both dice vibrate and determine the results once stopped. 

There will be 4 possible outcomes:

1. The result is 1x Bronze, 2x Silver or 5x Gold square

– You receive multiplier if you have an active bet

2.The result is Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, or Boom or Bust

– You enter the bonus round if you have an active bet

3. The result is Bust square (X)

– You lose the game

4. The result is Power-Up square

– Bust squares get swapped into Bronze squares with a multiplier of 20x to 50x and boost multiplier across 24 random squares. The dice then reshake. If the same power-up square occurs, the process will keep repeating, up to 5 consecutive rounds. 

Bonus Round Explained

#1 Dice Battle 

It is a battle between Gold and Blue Dice where the dice with the highest value after three rolls round will win. You need to select which side is the winner. If you pick the winning side, your initial bet multiple on the both winning and losing multiplier will be your payout. However, if you choose the losing side, you will only receive the total multipliers of the losing dice. If you are lucky enough to get three times of double six, you can get a 500x Mega Win on your initial bet. Both sides receive the same payout for Tie result. 

#2 Lucky Drop

There are 6 column grids which represent each number on the dice and are stacked with 4 multipliers on the top. Players have to pick one of the dice numbers. Two dice will roll simultaneously three times. The corresponding multiplier drops according to the dice results. The process repeats for each roll. At the end, you get paid with the multiplier amount from your picked column. The more times the dice results show your selected column, the higher payout you will get.

#3 Boom or Bust

At this bonus game, only Gold Dice will be used. There are 6 column grids that represent numbers 1-6 on dice and 7 rows that contain a mix of bust squares, multipliers, Level-up Square and Hyper Square. Level-up Square will move you up rows while Hyper Square brings you direct land to level 6. The higher row will have more bust squares in each row. 

The game starts with the first row, Safe Multiplier and you will get pay even if you lose. Dice results will decide which column you land. You are able to choose whether to continue to get a higher payout or cash out the current winning prizes. The payout multiplier for the next level will list out beside the column. The game ends when you land on a bust symbol but you still get a guaranteed pay at a safe multiplier. 

Boom City Payout

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