Popular Table Games of Kingmaker

Kingmaker has developed a lot of interesting Asian traditional table games and is popular among Thai and Chinese players. Their eye-catching designs of various anime dealers will surely attract your attention. Besides, they offer the lowest bet amount which is suitable for those who only want to try the game. You will never get bored with their games as Kingmaker keeps launching new games that follow world trends. Other than that, this provider is available 24 hours where players can bet anytime anywhere. They also offer higher odds of each game as 1:150 compared to other game providers who give less than 1:100.

Popular Table Games of Kingmaker

Bola Golek

A famous Indonesian street game that is commonly played in Malaysia and Indonesia. There are 12 betting options from three different symbols (triangle, cross and circle) with four different colours (black, yellow, green and red). Players may select the preference bets. A rubber ball is placed by the dealer from a corner of a 6×6 playing board. The ball will move randomly until it stops at a winning symbol and colours. From the 2x bonus features that appear randomly on any symbol and colour, you might get up to 20x winnings if the ball lands on your betting options.


A more thrilling and enjoyable game of chance gameplay. There are 4 chip selections from friendly to high roller that represent different payout and difficulty. Choose your preference bet amount. Next, select between one of three colours of yellow, blue or green ticket to start. At the top of the triangle pegs, your chosen coloured ball will drop down. The pegs will deflect the ball and your payout is the moment when the ball lands on one of the numbered pockets. You will get notified if you win BIG!


A game of chance where you need to guess and open as many treasure tiles you can before cashing out. The bombs and treasure chests are hidden on a 5×5 field. There is a treasure boost up to 5 stacks with every tile opened. You can choose to continue playing to increase winnings or cash out the prizes after successful guesses. The game is over once a bomb tile is chosen. Get lucky and win up to 2,330x payout!


It is a game of chance where you need to guess as many treasure windows as you can and reach to the highest floor to collect bigger prizes. For every successful guess, players can decide whether to continue to increase winnings or cash out current winning prizes. With every opened window, you have a chance to earn a stackable treasure boost. The more correct windows guess, the more bonus payout! The game is over once the police window is chosen. 

Kingmaker Virtual Horse Racing

A fun and exciting real-life horse racing experience. There will be eight racehorses with jockeys that compete against each other to the finish line around the racecourse. Players need to predict the top three horses to win. Total 36 bet options and players can trigger the Lucky Horse Bonus. The horse number that choose randomly will multiply between 2x and 5x if win. 

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