Nearly four decades after, Argentina are champions once again!

Nearly four decades after, Argentina are champions once again!

It took Argentina 36 years before they were finally crowned as the FIFA World Cup champions once again, winning their last title in 1986. It was destiny that brought Argentina to win their third title in the most prestigious football tournament. Actually, Argentina is not a perfect team, losing their opening game against Saudi Arabia. On that loss, many doubted them, but they managed to bounce back, winning their next matches. They won against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals, Croatia on the semi-finals, and France in the Finals.

This squad managed to maximize all the advantage they have in the contest, especially the influence of their star. The mere name of Lionel Messi is more than enough to intimidate all their opponents. Actually, their loss against Saudi Arabia made it almost impossible for them to advance to the knockout round. Luckily, they managed to win their next games, along with their in-depth squad to qualify. Their World Cup trophy this year ended all doubts and tears for Argentina, and changed it into cheers.

World Cup: Argentina
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Finals: Argentina vs France

World Cup: Argentina vs France

It was a tight game between France and Argentina, as the game ended in a 3-3 draw during the extension. However, it was the penalty shootout between these two teams that brings Argentina the title. France’s Kylian Mbappe scored a hat-trick shot, but Lionel Messi, had a double goal. This brings these two teams in a penalty shootout, as 120 minutes is still not enough for these two nations. Argentinian substitute, Gonzalo Montiel, is the one who scored the winning penalty that brings Argentina to the title. The Finals meeting between these two teams will surely go down the history.

End of an era for Lionel Messi

World Cup: Lionel messi
Photo courtesy of Al Jazeera

Lionel Messi finally brings a title for Argentina, but it is unfortunate that this will be his last. Before the World Cup starts, Messi already announced that this will be his final World Cup. This announcement was latter confirmed after their semis match against Croatia. However, this announcement is only about retiring in the World Cup, but not in football and in Argentina. On his final World Cup, he is nothing but grateful and proud. He won his first and last World Cup title on his last year in the tournament.

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