NBA teams that could surprise for 2022-23

NBA teams that could surprise for 2022-23

Although there are early favorites, there are NBA teams who could pull-off a surprise for this upcoming NBA season. With the rookies being drafted by the teams, it is not surprising that some teams will surprise everyone. As we all know, draft picks are meant to make teams stronger and better for the upcoming season. Now that a new bunch of rookies will play for the upcoming season, new teams could reach the playoffs.

Here are the five teams that could go further this 2022-23 season (in no particular order):
1. Los Angeles Lakers
2. Oklahoma City Thunder
3. New York Knicks
4. Los Angeles Clippers
5. Sacramento Kings

Los Angeles Lakers

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers
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This team is honestly one of the most disappointing team last season after a series of injuries hunt them. They are actually the preseason favorites last season. Of course, with Lebron, Davis, and Westbrook in your team, what could possibly go wrong? However, because of series of injuries, the team found themselves on a losing note. Actually, James, Davis, and Westbrook only played 21 games altogether last season. However, if these three managed to keep themselves healthy and injury-free, other teams should watch out. Lakers is a one scary team once they face this upcoming season healthily.

Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder
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Although it may seem to say that OKC will make it to the playoffs, it is say that this team could make it to the play-in. Although they did not do well when it comes to wins after placing the 27th, they showed one great defense. This team’s defense ranked 16th in the league which just proves that they can outplay other teams by their defense. Moreover, this team is still young and healthy. Nowadays, it is no longer the battle of the most talented, but the battle of the healthiest team. With that, OKC has a shot for the playoffs.

New York Knicks

NBA: New York Knicks

With the addition of Kemba Walker in this team, it already made this team much better. Guard Jalen Brunson is expected to do wonders for the team as he already proved himself in the number one position. Moreover, Knicks also have RJ Barrett and Julius Randle who can now focus on scoring as Walker and Brunson orchestrates the game. The addition of Walker and Brunson makes the Knicks a team worthy to be in the playoff.

Los Angeles Clippers

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers

Kawhi Leonard is expected to return for this upcoming season after being sidelined for the whole 2021-22 season. Leonard had a torn knee ligament which made him sat the whole season. But with a healthy Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, it will be a job well done for the Clippers. If Leonard and George are both healthy, the Clippers will be monstrous. Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Normal Powell, remember their name as these three will give it all for the Clippers.

Sacramento Kings

NBA: Sacramento Kings
Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports

The duo of Domantas Sabonis and De-Aron Fox could do wonders for the Kings. Since they already have these two, an addition of a wing man can help them go far in the season. A playoff spot could be secured by them if they could add wing power in their lineup. However, the addition of their rookies and new recruits might be the surprise for this team. There are a lot of players who were traded in this team and it is exciting to see what they can bring for the Kings.

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