NBA: Players with something to prove

NBA Players with something to prove

NBA is just around the corner, and there are players fans are most excited to watch out for, especially those who are coming from injuries. In each team, there will always be a person who will step up, and be stellar this season. It is no longer surprising that in each team, there will always be at least one player who wants to prove they are one of the best players in the league. In this article, we will go deeper the players who we expect to prove something for the upcoming season. We will see what are the expectations for these players for the upcoming 2022-23 season.

Patrick Williams-Chicago Bulls

NBA: Patrick Williams
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When he was drafted by the Bulls, many doubted his capabilities, especially that he was drafted earlier during the draft. Many think he was drafted earlier than he should be so they thought he got nothing to prove. However, after that, many already believed that the Bulls needs Williams defensively. Injuries continuously hurt the Bulls, making them depend now on Williams. This is already his time to prove himself not just in his team, but as well as in the league. With the help of Caruso and Lonzo Ball, who knows? They might give everyone a surprise this season, and Williams might be able to lead the Bulls.

Marvin Bagley III-Detroit Pistons

NBA: Marvin Bagley III
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This guy is the only one that moved on from his original team from the Top 6 of the 2018 draft. Ever since he was transferred to the Pistons from Sacramento, he proved his greatness to his new squad. Additionally, he needs to fulfill his massive potential that caused him to be drafted as the second overall pick. Although he may have competition in the minutes, many believes that he can still show to the NBA his skills. He only needs to capture every opportunity he has to prove himself in the league.

Myles Turner-India Pacers

NBA: Myles Turner

This guy has been known to be a shot blocker, and he already proved that he is an elite in that area. Despite proving his worth in the paint, he is still in trade rumors, so now, if he wants to remain with the Pacers, what he needs to do is to prove that he is still as elite as he was. Moreover, he is a great addition for the Pacers because he is someone who can protect the rim.

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