NBA championship favorites

NBA championship favorites

With the trades done before the start of the upcoming season and the return of the injured players, it is indeed an exciting NBA season. A month from now, the NBA season will start. NBA is undeniable one of the most-awaited tournaments for all basketball lovers out there. In this article, we can provide you ideas about the championship favorites of the bettors. In here, we will also give you the odds of the top teams in the list. Upon reading this, you might now have an idea on the team you could possibly place your bet for the championship.

Boston Celtics (+530)

NBA Championship: Boston Celtics
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For a team who almost stole the title last season, they are indeed deserving to be included in the list. Having Celtics as the runners-up last season is actually a surprise since they do not have a player who is as explosive as Lebron James or Kevin Durant. However, this young team proved that a healthy team defeats a team with a superstar. However, the lack of offensive power kills the Celtics at the last quarter of the finals. Fortunately, they managed to address this problem as they got Malcolm Brogdon, a versatile guard. They landed a guy who average 19.1 points per game, what could they ask for? They also got the services of Danilo Gallinari without sacrificing their key players.

Los Angeles Clippers (+670)

NBA: LA Clippers
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Injuries hurt the Clippers the most last season, but they were still able to contend for the play-in for the playoffs. This team is just full of determination that is why they were able to at least contend for the play-in. This squad lost their star players, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Norman Powell in their line-up. Just imagine what they lost last season, but they were still able to go far. Although their squad does not have a very deep members, their confidence and oneness in playing can make them go far this season.

Brooklyn Nets (+750)

NBA: Brooklyn Nets

After all the dramas last season with the Nets, they were finally able to have their guys stick to their squad. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving finally agreed to remain in the Nets and of course, Ben Simmons will finally play for them. Having those guys, what could possibly go wrong? A healthier and a less dramatic Brooklyn Nets can definitely go for the championship this season.

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