Most Common Online Casino Scams

Online casino scams cases are increasing nowadays. Some casinos will trick you to bet at their site but at the end to cash out the money, they keep giving excuses. We have listed out some common online casino scams characteristics to help players avoid them. 

#1 Slow/Late Payment

The most common online casino scam is slow payment. They might take a few weeks or months to pay back to players, even have breach the Terms and Conditions listed. The delay of payment normally due to the lack of cash flow. To extend the payment period, they sometimes encourage players to play more and reach certain conditions only able to cash out. Players should be alert with this signal to avoid being cheated.

#2 Frequent Change of Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions is the guideline for every action in the online casino. For every change of the T&C, players have the right to get informed. A trustworthy casino will not change the T&C too frequently and not inform players on the changes. Be aware of the online casinos that have this action.

#3 Unlicensed Casino

Online casino with license or gambling authority is a guarantee for players to play at the safety platform. Normally players can find the valid license at the website. Stay away from the casino if you can’t find any license from the gambling website as it might be a scammer. 

#4 False Advertising

Casinos usually attract and scam players through advertising. They will give out false advertising with broad spectrums of scams which do not follow the T&C. The most common type of false advertising is bonus scams. They purposely lower down the wagering requirements and cash out terms but once you’re finished wagering your bonus, they will increase the wagering or decrease the max cash out amount which is totally different from advertisement.

#5 Spamming Ads

Even though advertising is a part of marketing strategy, ads spamming is a worse tactic. Heavy advertisement like spamming players, websites or forums is not a good marketing practice and can be seen as the scams. If you keep getting ads or pop-up messages from the same casino daily, you might need to move to another gambling site.

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