Monza, Udinese to meet for the first time in 33 years

Monza, Udinese to meet for the first time in 33 years

It has been 33 years since Monza and Udinese meet, with a lot of changes and progress happened to the two teams. With that long time these two clubs did not met, unfamiliarity might hurt both of the teams. Monza will host their match against Udinese for Serie A‘s third playing week on August 27, 12:30 AM (GMT+8).

Both teams are in the bottom of the standings so these two clubs are in a must-win situation. Expectations were very high for the Monza squad because of their transfers during the summer. However, currently, their team is the last in the standings so they really need to win their games. On the other hand, Udinese is just a point better than Monza. However, they are no better than their opponent as they are winless during their first two matches.


Serie A: Monza

It was Monza’s first time in the Serie A, but their campaign does not look optimistic. Their club is currently at the very bottom of the standing. However, for someone who is a first timer in the league, it is quite understandable that their first games turned out this way. But no one can take away Monza’s chances as they were able to sign players that will add more power for them. Despite their early losses, Monza can still have chances if they pulled themselves together.

Despite their early loss, a rapid progress can be seen for the squad. As they were able to score an impressive recruitments, expect a stronger and better Monza squad. However, Andrea Ranocchia will not play for his squad because of a fracture in his fibula. With the veteran’s absence, expect that other players will step-up for him.


Serie A: Udinese
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As this squad starts their season with a new coach, their beginning is not that ideal after they started this new season winless. Moreover, they are only a point ahead of their opponent on Saturday. However, the only difference between the two is the fact that Udinese can manage to take a lead during their games. During their match against the defending champions, this squad was able to score 2 goals, which is a good sign despite the loss.

Destiny Udogie is now back for the Udinese squad from Tottenham, so Udinese can now be a better team with him. Marco Silvestri, Isaac Success, Gerard Deulofeu, and Beto is expected to play integral roles for this match. However, Leonardo Buta is out because of injury while Nehuen Perez is suspended.


Draw (2.5)
Odds: -0.88

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