Momentum building, goals of Warriors, Wizards

Momentum building, goals of Warriors, Wizards

As the NBA is just a few weeks from now, the league’s preseason starts with teams participating in it. Currently, the Warriors is in a six-game winning streak while their opponent, the Wizards is not in a good position. The Wizards lost seven of their last nine preseason games, so they need wins to build momentum. Meanwhile, Warriors’ performance is actually not surprising because what can you expect for a squad who recently won the title? Momentum building for the regular season is what these two teams want. These two squads are currently in Japan for this preseason match, giving a treat to their fans.

Preseason games aims to assess the team’s performance before the start of the regular season. Teams usually make the preseason as their chance to build their momentum in order to start the regular season in a positive note. As for the Warriors, they are aiming to build momentum to defend their title in the league. Wizards on the other hand wants to at least qualify for the semis this season. However, do not expect for their stars to participate in this match. Usually, for the preseason, the team’s stars play for a very few minutes or do not play at all.

Golden State Warriors

NBA: Warriors
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The Warriors are the defending champions so coming into this preseason, their goal is very obvious. This squad wants to defend their title after falling short for the last two seasons, not being able to reach the Finals. Last season, this squad showed how great of a team they are after securing the title for the fifth time since 2014-15 season. Actually, last season, this squad is not in the favorites to win the title, but they surprised everyone when they reached the Finals and eventually win. Players of this squad managed to have breakout games last season, leading them to the title. With a healthy line-up, this squad can surely build a momentum before the regular season.

Stars like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, might play in this game for a while, but not the same minutes during the regular season. After all, this is just a preseason, so expect the squad to give more chances for the young ones. The younger ones on the other hand, should grab this opportunity so they will have better chances in the regular season.

Washington Wizards

NBA: Wizards
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For the past seasons, many actually are disappointed with the Wizards as they only reached the playoffs once in the last four years. Actually, they are a team with a very strong squad with Kristaps Porzingis, Bradley Beal, and Kyle Kuzma on their squad. However, the number one problem for this squad is consistency which is lacking in the past. Now that they are about to enter their second year with their head coach, this squad is also aiming to enter this season in a positive note. However, if they want to go far this upcoming season, they need to stay healthy. In this preseason match, their goal is to win as many games as possible to start the new season positively.

In this match, expect that they will most likely deploy their young guns which is a little better than their opponent’s. They have a younger core with more playing time available. However, Porzingis, Beal, and Kuzma might also play to give their fans a treat.


Golden State Warriors
Total Under: 110.5
Odds: 0.95

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