Miami Heat resumes improbable run

Miami Heat resumes improbable run

Miami Heat is aiming to extend their impressive run this season as they meet the giants, Denver Nuggets for the first game of their Finals matchup. The Heat have been impressive in the playoffs, being the only team to win the conference finals from a play-in tournament. Additionally, the Heat also defeated the number one team in the East, the Bucks to advance to the semi-finals. As for the Nuggets, it is not a surprise that they booked their ticket to the Finals. They have been impressive all season, dominating their playoffs run. During the conference finals, doubts arises for the Nuggets as they will meet the Lakers, but they were able to dominate even that series. This meeting will be on June 2, 2023, at 8:30 AM (GMT+8), with the Nuggets as hosts.

Miami Heat

NBA: Miami Heat
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The Heat have been nothing but incredible this season, winning their play-in series, and winning against the best team this season with the Bucks. Their journey is not easy though, as they lost against the Hawks in their first play-in game. The Heat then lost Tyler Herro during their first game against the Bucks, which made it tougher for them. They are from a heart-wrenching conference finals series against the Celtics, which booked them a ticket here. In that series, the Heat actually led by 3-0 already, but the Celtics won the next three matches, forcing the series into Game 7. Fortunately for the Heat, they were able to defy all odds in their Game 7, destroying the Celtics, and was hailed as the Kings of the Eastern Conference.

Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo continues to lead the Heat with 28.5 and 16.8 points per game respectively. However, Victor Oladipo remains to be unavailable here due to his injury, with still no timetable for his return. Tyler Herro on the other hand, despite being unavailable in this match, he might return already for Game 3 of this series.

Denver Nuggets

NBA: Denver Nuggets
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The Nuggets on the other hand comes into this match ready for yet another tough battle. Unlike the Heat, the Nuggets are actually well-rested coming into this match, as their series against the Lakers ended in a sweep. They easily eliminated the Lakers during their finals series, winning four straight games, winning in 113-111 in Game 4. Due to the early finish of their series, it gave the Nuggets a 10 day rest to be ready for a tougher matchup. Considering their previous results against the Heat, they are confident of their chances in this series. During the regular season, they were able to defeat the Heat twice, which is why they are rooting for the Heat during the Eastern Conference finals. Additionally, their rest also helped them to recover and be healthy in preparation for this match.

Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray have always helped each other in leading the Nuggets all-season. Jokic is scoring 29.9 points per game, while Murray has 27.7 points per game. However, Collin Gillespie remains to be unavailable for the Nuggets.


Denver Nuggets
Total Under: 114.5
Odds: 0.84

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