Maxey, 76ers’ key for the title

Maxey, 76ers' key for the title

Tyrese Maxey is reported to be unstoppable during the preseason of the NBA. According to reports, 76ers‘ staff is finding a hard time keeping him out of the gym. This young lad is working really hard for the upcoming 2022-23 NBA season. In fact, during these pre-season matches, Philadelphia’s name have been making a buzz. Some may say that the reason of all these hype is because of James Harden and Joel Embiid. However, it may not be the case. One of the main reasons why there are hype surrounding their team is because of Maxey.

Many believes that Maxey could be the answer for for 76ers’ hunt for the title over the past years. For their first two preseason games, he delivered two 20-pointer games. During their match against the Nets, he recorded 20 points with three assists, and one steal. As for their second match, he followed up with his 21-point performance against the cavaliers. Along with this 21 points is two assists and one steal, and a 100% beyond the arc. All these were done in just 15 minutes of action. In just below 20 minutes, he was able to produce numbers that helped his team. If he will continue producing these numbers, it is not surprising that 76ers will go far this season.

NBA: Tyrese Maxey
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It is important to remember these numbers because these numbers are beyond fantastic in the preseason. While some may ague that it is just the preseason, the way he plays right now is not just about stats. Looking at his game, you can see that he really worked hard during the off-season, making him play this hard. Right now, he is very confident while playing and is unstoppable while playing. In fact, he does not seem bothered by his defenders, a good sign for the 76ers.

Going on his third year in the league, Maxey have become as dangerous as ever. If he continue playing this way, he could even average more than Harden will do. If he steps up as a scoring elite this season, it could push the 76ers as a title contender.

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