LoL LCK Summer 2022 Week 7: Nongshim RedForce vs Liiv SANDBOX

The match of Nongshim RedForce vs Liiv SANDBOX is crucial as both needs a win to improve their record before the tournament concludes. They will meet each other at the seventh week of LCK Summer 2022, on July 28, 2022, 4:00 PM. 

Both Nongshim RedForce and Liiv SANDBOX came out as a surprise during the league, especially to the fans. A bad surprise from the Nongshim RedForce, and a good surprise from the Liiv Sandbox.

Nongshim RedForce came out as a disappointment this season. They had a good start, showing a good fight against their opponents. During the start, they had good games, but lost their momentum later on the tournament.

Nongshim is currently at the 8t place in the tournament with a record of 2-5. It may be a disappointing record but the fans can be assured that this team will bounce back and continue to put up a good fight against Liiv SANDBOX.

Liiv SANDBOX on the other hand looks like a completely different team as they made a huge transformation. From the start, they already surprised their fans with how well they played and how the players gelled with each other. They were once a team in ninth place, but now, they are a team fighting for a third spot in the standings. 

During the start of the tournament, they were considered underdogs because they did not have a good place during the last tournament. But now, they are one of the fan favorites in the tournament. 

Who do you got in this Nongshim RedForce vs Liiv SANDBOX? Place your bets now!


Liiv SANDBOX (2.5)
Odds: -0.92

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