Lithuania renews confidence

Lithuania renews confidence

Lithuania go against Serbia for their quarterfinals meeting, with renewed confidence, following the result of their last match in the second round. Lithuania surprisingly defeated USA for the last match of their second round, impressing everyone. As for Serbia, it is the same for them, as they dominated Dominican Republic in the second round. This is already the quarterfinals meeting of both teams, where the winners will qualify for the semi-finals. With that being said, Lithuania and Serbia are both hungry for a win, as they aim to build from their momentum. Winners of this match meets the winners of the quarterfinals match between Canada and Slovenia. This game will surely be an exciting and intense game, following the eagerness of these two teams. Lithuania meets Serbia on September 5, 2023, at 4:45 PM (GMT+8).


FIBA World Cup: Lithuania
Photo courtesy of FIBA

Lithuania is one of the most surprising squads in the World Cup, especially the result of their last match, to their delight. In fact, they won all their previous five matches in the contest, which gives them a good momentum. Moreover, there are several important players who are not participating for this team, which shows the importance of Jonas Valanciunas for their team. Against USA, he established rhythm, which brings the energy for this team. One of the most notable quality of this team is the fact that their playing time is well-distributed. Additionally, it is not only their starters who are doing wonders for them. Their bench players are also capable of bringing them contributions, as 10 players has an average playing time of 14 minutes. Moreover, their shooting beyond the arc is one of their strengths, which they hope to work here.

It is just unfortunate that Lithuania are without some of their important players, despite being impressive in their campaign. They could have been a more dangerous team if only they have these players. Nonetheless, they still have Valanciunas, and Rokas Jokubaitis, who are both leading their team in this campaign.


FIBA World Cup: Serbia
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Serbia has won four matches, including a crucial win against Italy, and is now set to face Lithuania in the quarterfinals. Bogdan Bogdanovic has shown outstanding performances in four matches, but his poor game against Italy led to Serbia’s defeat. Nikola Milutinov is performing at a double-double level, and he is the team’s primary center. The biggest challenge for Serbia is the absence of a traditional playmaker, which may become more apparent in the quarterfinals. Stefan Jovic is having a good tournament, but it remains to be seen how he will perform under pressure and against aggressive Lithuanian defense. Serbia faces a significant challenge in the quarterfinals against Lithuania, who has been shooting 46% from beyond the arc. Nikola Milutinov must give his best effort and battle Valančiūnas, while Bogdan Bogdanovic’s performance is crucial for Serbia’s success.

Just like Lithuania, Serbia are also without some of their starts, especially their main man, Nikola Jokic. However, there are still players who are capable of stepping up for them, especially Valanciunas, and Bogdanovic, who are crucial for them.


Total Under: 85.5
Odds: 0.93

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