Lightning Roulette Rules & Strategies

Lightning Roulette is just one of Evolution Gaming’s many impressive new releases revealed at ICE 2018. This extended Live Roulette game features boosted payouts and an electrifying user interface, once again demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation that has seen them take and hold onto the number one live casino developer title.

On top of all your standard betting options, this proprietary Roulette variant features 1 to 5 randomly-generated lucky numbers, that give payouts of 50:1 to 500:1 on Straight Up bets. At the beginning of each round, all lucky numbers are re-set to offer new opportunities for enhanced rewards. This unique concept is provided through a combination of digital RNG with a Live Roulette wheel, a mechanism Evolution has never used before.

The market has yet to react to the game, as it it has not reached many online casinos yet. Although no doubt players will embrace it when they find out it comes with the same in-game options and high-quality streaming as other products in the provider’s catalogue.

Players will also be able to use the same same user friendly options for placing different kinds of wagers, and benefit from insights provided by detailed statistics. The settings menus are easy to access and navigate, and the user interface has been jazzed up by incorporating lightning bolts and electrifying sound effects. For example, the randomly chosen lucky numbers are struck by lightning to signal the magnified payouts.

Rules of Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette has the exact same core rules as your typical European Roulette table. The layout and wheel remain functionally the same, but there’s one big difference that distinguishes Evolutions’ offering.

• Before every spin between one to five numbers will be selected. Should the ball land on those numbers, you’ll get vastly improved payout odds of between 50x and 500x. There is no information on how many numbers are selected on average.

• Winnings are only obtained by making straight up number bets. You cannot win “a piece” of the multiplier by making split, street or any other types of bets.

• The numbers that are not selected before the spin have payout odds of 29 to 1.

• RTP in Lightning Roulette is 95,13% for straight up bets. This is lower than the European Roulette, but higher than the American variation.

Lightning Roulette Strategy – Bet On All Numbers

Betting all the numbers straight up is the most common strategy. Even though this is not a +EV strategy (meaning it won’t guarantee profit) it’s by no means a bad way to approach this game. Since there are between 1 to 5 numbers that get multipliers on every spin, this works pretty well. Some basic math is as follows: You bet all the numbers for 1 UNIT = 37 units per spin.

So possible outcomes are:
• If you hit a non multiplied number it will pay 29 to 1 so 30 units (since they also give you your stake back). The net is -6 units every time a non multiplier number is hit
• You hit a multiplied number of 50x to make a profit of 13 units
• You hit a multiplied number of 100x to make a profit of 63 units
• You hit a multiplied number of 200x to make a profit of 163 units
• You hit a multiplied number of 300x to make a profit of 263 units
• You hit a multiplied number of 400x to make a profit of 363 units
• You hit a multiplied number of 500x to make a profit of 463 units

The obvious problems here is that you cannot really estimate how often each of the multipliers is awarded. The closest you’ll get to that is the game info tab, which lists the long-term RTP as 97.30%.

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