Japan, to defy all odds in the World Cup

Japan, to defy all odds in the World Cup

During the qualifying round of the World Cup, Japan actually have a very impressive performance defeating Australia. However, maybe luck is really not on their side after the draw of the World Cup after being in the same group with powerful squads. In the group stage, the Japanese needs to win over two of the greatest teams in football, Germany and Spain. Undeniably, Japan is a determined and competent squad, but the question is are their skills enough to beat these two squads? If Japan wants to go past the group stage and defeat these two teams, they need confidence among themselves.

Although the Japanese squad meets very tough opponents in the group stage, it does not mean they must lose hope. Just last World Cup, South Korea managed to eliminate the defending champions. This simply means that Japan still have a chance to do well in the group stage. Hard work and coordination is what the Japanese squad always show which are often ignored by others. Even if Japan does not have big players, they have the skills to prove they deserve to be in the World Cup.

World Cup: Japan
Photo courtesy of JFA

Kaoru Mitoma saves Japan in the qualifying round after scoring twice in the dying minutes of their match against Australia. This win booked them a ticket for their seventh consecutive World Cup. Aside from them, this win also helped Saudi Arabia qualify for the World Cup, placing Australia in a tricky way to qualify. Japan’s journey to the World Cup is actually not easy as they encountered several injuries. Nonetheless, they are still lucky that they were able to qualify.

Although some of Japan’s big stars might miss the World Cup, the number one player who is expected to lead is Minamino. This player is able to lead his team whether in the Premier League or in the Champions League. However, although he can play big for Japan, it is not good that the Japanese only rely on one person. Other members of the team also needs to step-up if they want to go far in the tournament. If other members of the squad can produce same as Minamino, they really have a very good chance in the World Cup.

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