Japan Men to use home advantage

Japan Men to use home advantage

Japan Men are looking to use their home advantage as they go against Germany Men as they kick-off their World Cup campaign. Japan is now at their sixth participation in the World Cup, as they qualified here after being the co-hosts. Germany on the other hand is on their seventh participation in the World Cup. Moreover, these two teams have met each other once, and from those matches, it was actually Japan who won. However, that meeting were already four years ago, which ended in 86-83, but many might have changed since then. Moreover, when it comes to the FIBA rankings, Germany are placed in the 11th of the rankings. As for Japan, they are at the 36th of the FIBA rankings, which is far from their opponents. The meeting between these two teams is on August 25, 2023, at 8:00 PM (GMT+8).

Japan Men

FIBA World Cup: Japan Men
Photo courtesy of KYODO

Japan is a team who qualified for the World Cup because they are one of the hosts for this year’s World Cup. As they begin their campaign, the Japanese squad is aiming to make use of their home advantage. However, although they have the homecourt advantage, earning a win remains uncertain, following the way they play. They are grouped with Finland, Germany, and Australia, making Japan’s road to the title a very challenging one. However, despite having a tougher road, expect that Japan will not back down, as they are one of the most experienced team here. As a preparation, Japan actually played nine friendlies match, winning five times. This is the momentum they are aiming to bring in the World Cup, as they are set to meet dominating squads.

It is just unfortunate that Rui Hachimura, who is one of the key players for Japan will not be available for Japan. However, they still have Yuta Watanabe, who will play as Japan’s main man and key player.

Germany Men

FIBA World Cup: Germany Men
Photo courtesy of FIBA

Germany on the other hand qualified for the World Cup due to their impressive performance during the EuroBasket. On their campaign, they were able to secure the bronze medal, which earned them an automatic qualification here. As they are now in the top-tier basketball league, Germany is determined to have the same success here. Just like their opponents, Germany played six friendlies matches, where they won four matches and lost to twice. As they are grouped with one of the top teams in the contest, this match is very important for Germany. They are in a difficult group right now, and if they lost to their opener, they might not have a chance for the next round. Germany must not allow themselves to have a setback, because if they do so, they could stop doubting their spots in the next round.

Just like Japan, Germany also have guys who are capable of making wonders for their squad. Dennis Schroder is expected to lead the German squad. Aside from him, they also have Franz Wagner, who was able to prove himself in their previous matches.


Germany Men
Total Under: 95.5
Odds: 0.80

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