Jaguars, Raiders, to kick-off NFL preseason

Jaguars, Raiders, to kick-off NFL preseason

The Las Vegas Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars are set to face each other for the preseason, more than a month ahead of the NFL season. The NFL season will start on September 8, 2022 and the two teams will meet in the 2022 NFL Hall of Fame game. 

These two teams will start their preseason with their new coaches. Josh McDaniels will take over the Raiders after an intense 2021 season. On the other hand, Doug Pederson will be Jaguars’ new coach, after its former coach ended after 13 games. 

NFL: Raiders
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Raiders’ coach McDaniels believes that preseason games are important as this determines the future of the team when the season starts. For him, playing in the preseason will make him see what adjustment the team needs to make so they can have a good record during the NFL season. 

The Raiders have an advantage when it comes to their quarterbacks. They were also able to acquire Jarrett Stidham. Stidham is no longer new to McDaniels’ system, as he played with McDaniel for three seasons in New England.

NFL: Jaguars

For the Jaguar’s side, the biggest weapon for them is Josh Allen after he had an impressive season after he came back from his injury. Allen has been leading the Jaguars, and now, he needs to make a huge adjustment as they will have a new coach. 

The addition of Travon Walker is also a factor for the Jaguar squad. Last season, he listed his career-high scoring six sacks. 

As the Jaguars and Raiders play with their new coaches, this preseason game will help them determine how far they can go during the season.


Las Vegas Raiders (2.5)
Odds: 0.86

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