Italy Serie A: Favorites for the title

Italy Serie A Favorites for the title

As the Serie A is now on their 6th matchday out of 28 matchdays, it is natural that bettors, already have their favorites for the title. Recently, when you say Italy Serie A, there are only three clubs that comes to mind. These three are the clubs that won the title for the past three seasons. With that, it is no doubt that it is also the current favorites of bettors to win the title. It is actually exciting to see whether this season will end with a defended crown or a reclaimed title. If you are still undecided of where to place on your bets, you are at the right place at the right time! In this article, we will help you determine why these three clubs are the title favorites for this season.

Inter Milan (+168)

Serie A: Inter Milan
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For the club who ended Juventus’ nine consecutive Serie A titles, it is no doubt that they will be this season’s favorites. This club ended Juventus nine-season dominance in the 2020-21 season, but AC Milan stopped them from repeating last season. Nevertheless, that does not stop them from once again trying in reclaiming their glory. Last season, they are having a very good season, and is already very close to defend their title. However, a draw late in the season ended their title dreams. They ended up as runners-up against AC Milan last season. Now, Inter Milan is back at their confident selves as Romelu Lukaku returned for them. At his return, he scored right away, just two minutes after his return.

Juventus (+250)

Serie A: Juventus
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For someone who dominated the league for nine years, it will be more surprising if Juventus will not be in this list. These men dominated the league since 2010, but it all ended in the 2020-21 season because of Inter Milan. Aside from the fact that the title were snatched to them, the past two seasons is not just for them. For seasons 2020-21. and 2021-22, they had a back-to-back fourth place finish which disappointed their fans. As they began their season anew, they are looking to bounce back and regain their glory in the league. They had their hopes high as they now have a new star in Dusan Vlahovic who continuously impress. They also have a very talented squad around him that may help their club once again reach the top.

AC Milan (+500)

Serie A: AC Milan
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It is actually surprising that the defending champions just placed third in the title favorites this season. They stopped Inter Milan’s hopes to defend their title last season. AC Milan is actually a good and competitive team. However, this squad might need an addition in attack as Oliver Giroud and Zlatan Ibrahimovic leads the line. An addition in their attack line ca give AC Milan a shot to defend their title.

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