Italy Men to show chemistry

Italy Men to show chemistry

Italy Men are looking to earn something from their team chemistry, as they eye to have a strong start by winning against Angola Men. When it comes to the FIBA rankings, these two teams has a 30-place difference, and it is not surprising that Italy is in a better place. Italy is at the 11th of the rankings, while Angola is at the 41st of the rankings. Moreover, these two teams are from different results during the pre-season, especially during their friendly matches. Italy are from positive results, as they dominated their matches. On the other hand, Angola is from different result, as they are winless in their friendlies before the contest. The meeting between these two teams will be on August 25, 2023, at 4:00 PM (GMT+8).

Italy Men

FIBA World Cup: Italy Men
Photo courtesy of FIBA Basketball

During the pre-season, Italy are actually having a good momentum, as they had a successful tune-up games. In fact, they played seven tune-up games, where they remain unbeaten, bringing them confidence here. During those matches, they found strength from their three-pointers, and it seems like a high-speed game is their way of playing. Additionally, Italy’s chemistry on the court is something else, which is why they do not have a hard time playing. When it comes to the World Cup, they are no strangers, as they qualified for 10 times already. However, although they have qualified to 10 World Cup, they have yet to earn a medal. Italy are the favorites from their group to advance to the next round, so expect them to go all-out here. A strong start will be huge for Italy, considering their aims to at least finish their campaign with a medal.

Italy has an excellent squad that will surely make a difference for them in the World Cup. They have experienced and talented squad, with the leadership of Simone Fontecchio. Additionally, they also have Melli, Datome, and Polonara, who are all promising for Italy.

Angola Men

FIBA World Cup: Angola Men

Angola had a different run during their pre-season, as they failed to perform well during their tune-up games. In fact, from the four matches that they played in the tune-up games, it all ended up with losses. One of the main reason why they failed to earn a single win is because offensively, they cannot produce numbers. In fact, from the four matches they played, they only average 66 points per game, which speaks so much of their capability to score. Moreover, when it comes to the World Cup, they only have nine appearances, with their best finish is at the 2006 edition. However, they are a team who have several participation in the Olympics. This experience might be helpful for them, as they are aiming for a success in this campaign. However, it seems like Angola will parade a new breed of basketball players for this generation.

Angola’s key player in their campaign is probably Bruno Fernando, who has the experience internationally. Moreover, guys like Jilson Bango, and Silvio Sousa will be crucial for Angola’s frontcourt, as it will be their core strength.


Italy Men
Total Under: 89.5
Odds: 0.92

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