India, to bounce back against Australia on their 2nd T20I

India, to bounce back against Australia on their 2nd T20I

India‘s current defeat against Australia in their first T20I brings out the deficiencies in their team, especially in bowling. India was not able to at least defend a 200-plus target in their first T20I against Australia. This is one of their struggles on their first match, and this is also what needs to be addressed as they meet for the second time. It is very obvious that their bowlers are struggling that time. The way they played is not an optimistic sight to see so if they really want to win, they need to address their issues.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Harshal Patel both struggled on this match as they had an off night. Except from Axar Patel, the rest of the bowlers went at over 10 overs. With that, it is obvious that the conditions favors the batters heavily. However, their second match is crucial so the Indian team needs to improve more in the bowling department as it is where they lack the most.

Cricket: India vs Australia
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Bhuvneshwar looks so lost in this match, giving away 63 runs in his last four overs. Luckily, Jasprit Bumrah is returning for this squad on their 2nd T20I. Bumrah’s return is a silver lining for the Indian squad as he can give spark for their squad. His return is a also a huge boost to the Indian squad as he also provides deck option. Additionally, Axar is also expected to dtep-up in this match.

As they face the Australians once again, they need their bowlers to do more, and avoid their lousy bowling. Their previous match is a wake-up call for India about the areas they are lacking. Additionally, they must know to match the good shape of the Australians. The T20 World Cup is getting near so India must take this as a stepping stone to improve.

India and Australia’s T20I match happens on September 23, 2022, at 9:00 PM (GMT+8).

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