Hungry vs Experienced: England vs Sweden

The end of 2022 UEFA Women’s is approaching, and only four teams remain to compete for the title.

The semi-finals match between England and Sweden is a battle between a team who never won a major tournament and a team who last won a title years ago.

This match will be an exciting match as these two teams have come a long way and a lot of crucial games before they were able to reach this stage. 

A battle of tactics and strategies, this is how this game is described as it is expected that both teams will really give their all in order to win this match. 

Different strategies are employed by the coaches, however, Sweden will miss the services of their veteran Caroline Seger who already missed their last two games because of a heel injury. 

England just came from a comeback win against Spain before they entered the semi-finals. Although the team does not have any major titles yet, their strength made them go far in the tournament. They are one of the teams that has a strong foundation all throughout the tournament. 

Sweden is really aiming for a championship this time around, which they made very clear from the start. The strength of their players making them a strong team is the team’s key to win this match against England. Their determination to achieve the goal they have set will be their motivation to win this match against England. 

England and Sweden will face each other on July 27, 2022 at 3:00 AM (GMT+8). Who do you think will get the finals spot? Place your bets now!


Sweden (2.5)

Odds: 0.92

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